Participates in SmartFilms, the film festival made with mobile devices,

We know how much they love their smartphones and we also know how they love to put them to the test. If you also have the tickle me artistic and I love the film, then SmartFilms is for you. And is that it is the first film festival that receives only productions made 100% with mobile phones.

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And what happens is that no one can deny that these compact mobile devices that we love so much as they feature cameras, super powerful, able to achieve beautiful shots, so it’s time to get creative.

For editing in Mexico will be accepted for films of up to five minutes of duration, which may be made with any brand and model of smartphone. The call is open from Friday 1 June until 3 September and will not have any cost to the participants, so that trying costs you nothing, but you must hurry.

Both the presentation and the award ceremony of the winners will take place from 19 to 21 October of this year in the City of Mexico.

This festival is looking for that all have access to the film and to show that you don’t need the highest technology or a huge amount of resources to make quality movies, what more important is the content and creativity using digital platforms. Another mission of SmartFilms is that people will become more involved in the film industry of the country, giving voice.

There are four categories: horror, amateur, youth and humor. The call to join this film festival with cellular is open from 1 June to 3 September. At the beginning of October, SmartFilms will know the names of the winners and screened his films during the festival. To choose the film projects with cell phones, a percentage rating so you can choose the public in general, peeeero the last word to the jury, consisting of experts in cinema, such as Gary Alazraki, Cecilia Suárez, Michel Franco, Amat Escalante, among others.

The prizes for participating in this film festival with cellular leave nothing to be desired. The winners in the categories of amateur, and the mood will be sixty thousand pesos each, the winner in the professional category will have a hundred thousand pesos and who wins in the youth will be able to see his short two times in the Channel 5 tv and Channel Golden, of pay television. In the page of SmartFilms you can see all the details of each category.

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