“Beware of rogue Fortnite-sites

Cyber criminals outside the popularity of the online shooter Fortnite via rogue websites. The creators behind the game have dozens of on the grain and alert now for this phenomenon.

Fortnite is since recently also for Android phones, but is not to be found in the Play Store itself. Developer Epic Games chose to make the game through his own site to provide the revenue with Google having to share. But that also means that when people outside the Play Store, search for ‘Fortnite for Android, there are a lot of shady sites popping up.

Fortnite is safe to install Android

To make sure that you have the right version of Fortnite install, you go through the official website of the game. After registration you’ll get an email with a link to install the app. For now it works only on Samsung phones. More impressive are the gebruiksaantallen: after just under a month counts the game’s 23 million players on Android.

Epic Games says active action against the above-mentioned practices. For example, by sites offline to coerce or, by working together with browsermakers and antivirus vendors. That can, for example, for a message to ensure as soon as the sites in question be visited.

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