What Pepper Pots with your outfit of the Rescue in Avengers 4? This theory says that yes

The Avengers could have a new member in the next film. Now, a new version ensures that Pepper Pots, the partner of Tony Stark, played by the beautiful Gwyneth Paltrow, will appear in Avengers 4 with its powerful suit of Rescue, designed by Iron Man to protect Pepper, even though everything indicates that at the end she will protect him.

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The theory arises because a Twitter user broadcast an image where it shows the line of dolls-Hero Vision, a catalog of toys, arising out of the films where it appears Iron Man. The new products are several of the characters in the film with their new outfits, and there you can see perfectly a female character with the colors of the costume that Rescue has been used in animated versions, the Mark 1616.

It is also seen Captain America, Captain Marvel, Thor with his new Storm Breaker and Rocket.

This is perhaps one of the theories less crazy that we have read about Avengers 4 (no claims that Tony Stark is an alien as this one, for example), given that Gwyneth has shared photos from the film set of Avengers 4 with a suit of motion-capture since, as we have used Robert Downey Jr. to play Iron Man.

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