People whose craziness knows no limits

Today the Internet is full of all sorts of crazy things. The literal definition of this word is not intended to be a compliment, but even so we associate it with funny situations and the rebellion. has decided to collect some fun pictures of people that are so crazy that will make you laugh and admire at the same time. So, enjoy it!

1. This man definitely is not enjoying this kind of painting and is not afraid to say it

2. Well thought out, Supercuts

Excellent cuts
Offer hair cutting

the courts of

3. The lesson of this story: don’t harass your sister!

My sister and I had a discussion and she cut the bristles of my toothbrush. Why?

4. This teacher does not believe in emails and forces you to go to class only to get notified that there is no class


Is cancelled on the day of today,
October 25,

5. Some people are so, but so lazy

6. The grammar is not important


7. Boots made for the very hot weather

8. This professor knows how to get rid of the tasks late

“Task late”

9. “I don’t trust people that eat pizza this way”

10. When your life is in danger, but you have to finish the game:

11. “Oh, I only need one perfect shot of this view!”

12. This Bentley looks very… “cool”

13. When you see this kind of brilliance, you simply have to put it on display…

“Addict shine”

14. “My girlfriend packed up my lunch after our discussion the previous night”

15. I’m not sure if you were aware of the trail or what they ruined…

16. What do I pull?


17. The people who crush the money as a ball of stress

18. The oldest brother gone mad

My little brother handed me this note and told me it was a special message in invisible ink.

To: Cathy
You’re ugly

19. Don’t mess with the official parking lots

I had to park here, I was late for the exam. Please do not put me fine.

Valet parking: I Hope that repruebes.

20. This granny should be the grandmother of all

“Charge your phone”

“Is loaded”

“Never call me, so I assumed that it was unloaded”

21. What are you doing, Karen?

22. We should be concerned more for the mental health of Waldo that for its location

“Nobody ever asks ’How’s Waldo?’”

23. The strategy of the tall man

I love hanging out with men high, so when we parted ways, I stay with the photos.

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