Mysterious persons in history that, even today, we are flooded with countless questions

In human history there are people whose fates are inextricably linked with the secrets and speculations. One of them managed to unravel the mystery of the egyptian pyramids and even repeated with success the construction, another created a mixture that caused rain, the third appeared to the 17-year-old nothing. The details of the lives of these people are wrapped up in the mystery and they continue to raise the interest of scientists, and simple fans of the secrets. decided to tell you all the stories of 5 people whose destiny seemed to us very mysterious.

Edward Leedskalnin

Have you ever heard of the Coral Castle located in the united States? It is a complex of limestone sculptures that weigh up to 30 tons. The structure was built by the architect fond of Edward Leedskalnin, who emigrated from Latvia to the united States.

It should be noted that Edward built his castle himself. According to the statements of the neighbors, the architect did not have tractors or cranes. He just cut and moved stones to the construction site.

But it is still unknown how a man fragile of not more than 152 cm high, with about 45 kg of weight could do rolling stones so great. Leedskalnin worked exclusively at night, and never received visits. When in the vicinity of his castle and began the construction of a villa, Edward simply moved his work to another place. At the same time, he used only a truck, without asking for help to load and unload the sculptures more heavy.

The architect did everything possible to make sure nobody saw him working. He stated that he had unlocked the secret of the construction of the egyptian pyramids, but he did not share his idea with anyone.

The method used to construct the Coral Castle remains a mystery.

Charles Hetfield

Since ancient times, humans have tried to find the way of handling the nature: they were inventing ritual dances, they made sacrifices, they read prayers. Charles Hetfield, a girl of 27 years who is dedicated to sell sewing machines, was no exception. It is true that, unlike the shamans, Hatfield decided to apply the scientific approach and achieved some success.

Charles invented a mixture of 23 chemical elements that, supposedly, was causing rain. The man quickly gained popularity among american farmers, who were always threatened with bankruptcy because of drought.

In 1904, Hatfield and his partner built a tower for spraying the chemical mixture. Apparently, it rained, because, finally, the chemist won $ 1,000. After that, Charles concluded an agreement with the City of San Diego, promising to generate rain and established the price of 1000 one inch of precipitation.

Finally, the commitment of Carlos met: it began to rain. But it was so strong that it destroyed several dams, which resulted in nothing more than damage to the city.

Because of this, the city council refused to pay the seller the rain and offered to compensate for the damage caused, estimated at more than 3 million USD. Charles appealed to the court, which ruled that the rain was an act of the will of God, so that neither the city council nor Hatfield should pay anything.

It is not known whether the seller of rain was a forecaster, weather excellent or if you really learned to control the weather. Hatfield kept secret the composition of your mixture even to close friends and, eventually, drove him to the grave.

Lori Erica Ruff

Each one of us has their little secrets they do not want to share even with the closest people. However, a woman known as Ms. Ruff could establish a record of the amount of individual secrets and skeletons in his closet.

One of the images of Lori which was published in the newspapers during the process of establishing the true identity of the woman.

The lovely Lori Erica Kennedy married Blake Ruff, and took their surname. Lori preferred to lead an inconspicuous life, and therefore asked his lover to marry without relatives. Shortly after the wedding, she insisted in moving away from the family of her husband.

The family of Blake were not happy with this approach, but they could not influence the decision of the couple. According to Blake, his wife did not speak about his past and at times behaved in a very strange way. For a long time, the couple could not have children. Later, after undergoing infertility treatment, Lori became pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl. The woman was not able to avoid the postpartum depression. Tired of the unstable behaviour of his wife, Blake requested the divorce.

When attempts to return to her husband were not successful, Lori has committed suicide. I was 42 years old.

After the death of the woman, the family of Blake decided to find out what was his past and why the deceased was hiding his history so carefully.

After opening the safe of Lori, the families were surprised. They found documents that showed that Lori had changed their name. She used to be called Becky Sue Turner. The same newspaper clippings stored with security reported that Becky Sue Turner died in a fire at the age of 2 years.

Six years after the death of Lori, and their putative parents were found. Told that, in reality, it was called Kimberly McLean. At the age of 17 years, the girl fled the house when the relationship with his new stepfather fell into a tailspin.

The life of this woman, after escaping and before marriage, is still shrouded in mystery.

Kaspar Hauser

On the 26th of may, 1828, on a street in Nuremberg, he was found by a teenage stranger. Could not explain who it was and answered all the questions “don’t know”. Just constantly told her that I wanted to be a trooper, just like his father.

When the young man was taken to the police, he could write his name: Kaspar Hauser. However, they were not able to get more information. During the registration of Kaspar, they found an envelope with 2 notes.

The first was written by the guardian of the child. He stated that Hauser had been abandoned by an unknown woman in 1812, and since then had been kept in an underground prison, and never in his life had gone out of their captivity. The unidentified man indicated that Kaspar dreamed to be a soldier of cavalry and suggested that the military “destriparan” in the case of inaptitud professional.

The second note was written allegedly by the mother of Kaspar before it was separated from his son. The woman commented that the baby’s father was dead, and she herself was a poor girl and could not raise a child. Requested the future guardian to educate the child and that, when he reached the age of 17, sent to the sixth regiment of the brigade lightweight, where his father had served.

The letter supposedly written by the mother of Kaspar.

However, the results of the long imprisonment of Hauser were made to feel: the child does not eat anything more than black bread and water, he called all animals “horse” (probably the horse was the only toy of Kaspar) and called a boy to any person.

But the teenager has developed quickly, learning new languages and acquiring new skills. Changed several tutors, each one of which he assumed with great responsibility the upbringing of the young.

In 1833, the unfortunate Hauser was stabbed in the heart by an unknown man. In the body of Kaspar found a note, which could be read only with the aid of a mirror. In the letter, the killer stated that he lived on the border of bavaria and his name was M. L. O., however, this information does not helped to find the criminal.

The note left by the killer of Kaspar.

Until now, Kaspar is still a foundling mysterious, whose fate is covered with a veil of mystery. Some consider him the heir to the throne of Baden, who, according to the official version, died in infancy. However, this version has not been confirmed by an examination of DNA.

Who was the guardian of the child and why he was killed? It is still unknown. A mystery additional covers the history; according to the opinion of historians, the three notes were written by the same Kaspar.

“Lady Babushka”

This woman was seen repeatedly in the photographs taken on the day of the assassination of the 35th president of the united. UU., John F. Kennedy. The images show that the mysterious lady also took pictures of what happened with his camera. But when the police asked the citizens to provide all the photos taken that day, the woman mentioned did not appear.

According to detectives, the images taken by this lady could have provided more clarity to the investigation, which was placed on the wanted persons list. Journalists nicknamed him the unknown Lady Babushka (“grandmother” in Russian) by a handkerchief that was tied in the usual way for the older women in Russia.

After 7 years, the ex-dancer from the strip club Beverly Oliver went to the police to declare that she was a Lady Babushka. The girl said that at the time of the accident, she was 17 years old, and was a friend of Jack Ruby, who shot Lee Harvey Oswald, the prime suspect of the murder of the president.

Lee Harvey Oswald (left), the alleged killer of Kennedy. Jack Ruby (right), author of the murder of Oswald.

However, the researchers of the tragedy had doubts quite reasonable on the veracity of the words of Beverly. First, Lady Babushka seems to have more than 17 years. In the second place, Oliver was never able to provide the images to the researchers.

Therefore, up to now, the lady is not identified is considered to be one of the most mysterious in the history of the united States.

All of these people, even after his death, seem to keep confusing us with riddles that, apparently, will remain unresolved. What history you intrigued for more? Share your version of events in the comments.

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