People who discovered that they have been deceived in very simple things

We go through life waiting for things to be a certain way without questioning them. However, once in a while we are faced with tests that break apart the world we thought we knew. As our brains struggle to digest this new order, we begin to doubt about everything we’ve ever believed. wants to test your assumptions are wrong with these images that will make you sigh: “My life is a lie!”.

1. What if there is another plug behind the second?

2. Has anyone figured out the best way of folding the towels and save time

3. “I am 37 years old, and I just realized that it’s called ‘bird of paradise’ because it looks like in the picture on the left, not as in the one on the right”

4. “The button of ‘closed’ fell off, revealing that it was never connected to the control panel of the elevator”

5. So to get the grass to look so perfect in the movies…

Paint for grass.

Wonderful results.

6. We have been using the wrong pins all this time



7. So simple… however, I never would have thought of on our own

8. Amplifiers voids in a rock concert. Why take the trouble to do that?

9. All this time we thought you were swimming

10. The teletubbies are more than 3 meters high!

11. Apparently, pineapples don’t grow on trees

12. This is how the people of ads of shampoo make the hair have movement

13. It was a hat, all the time was that

14. What coincidence? We think that it is not!

15. How is supposed that we are aware of that?

16. The inside of a fire alarm is just a switch

17. The soup equivalent of a bag of chips

18. Gummy bears green are, in reality, of strawberry flavor

19. How many other fast food places make their portions look bigger this way?

20. The cover of the game seems pretty morbid after such a discovery

What of these revelations impacted you the most? It tell us in the comments below!

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