Philips bringing Hue Sync for Windows and macOS

Philips introduces the Hue Sync software. Hue light bulbs are to be synchronized with the music, movies and games that you play on your pc. The effect of the Ambilight tv’s from Philips.

The smart lamps can be millions of colours, in a variety of attractive combinations. This rule is usually via the Hue app on your phone. With Hue Sync with the colors and patterns of the lamps are matched to the colors of a film or game, or the rhythm of the music on your computer.

Together with app

With the Hue Sync software to get started, you need a so-called Entertainment in the Hue app. Here you can choose which lamps you want to sync, and where that is in your household. Then install Hue Sync via the Philips site, and unplug your Hue Bridge to your Sync-software.

Soon we’ll tell you more about the installation and the settings of this software.

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