“Phishing remains the most common form of cybercrime in the

Phishing remains the most common form of cybercrime. 56 percent of Dutch people have a phishing e-mail received, while 37 percent has been in contact with a phishing link via social media.

This is apparent from the annual National Cybersecurity Bewustzijnsonderzoek, as part of the Alert Online campaign. Other forms of cybercrime, where the Dutch, there are fake friend requests (20 percent), malware (20%) and links to the download of a virus (19 percent).

Although three quarters of Dutch people with any form of cybercrime, take the half of it afterwards, no additional measures. 43 percent of antivirus software to install, while a third of respondents stronger passwords, invent. About the same number is allowed on https sites, run software updates and install a firewall.


Just as last year, many people expect that they don’t become a victim of cybercrime, 44 percent. Only 16 percent used a password manager, for example, 33 percent of logging in to public wi-fi networks.

However, they say in half of the cases, the default password on devices such as smart tv’s have changed. 56 percent think that sites with a green lock safe – but that is not always so.

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