Ask for year and a half of prison and 135,000 euros for the killing of 45 bats to arrange a blind

Two workers of the company responsible for maintenance at the University of Jaén (UJA) is facing a year and a half of imprisonment, as well as the payment of a compensation of 135,000 euros for finishing with 45 bats horseshoe that had nested in the box of a blind , situated in one of the offices of the campus buildings. Is the request made by the Prosecution in its notice of interim qualification to which has had access Europa Press, and in which both defendants are accused of a crime against the fauna.

The facts date back to 5 June 2017, when the two employees received a part of work to clean up the box of the blinds of an office on the third floor of building D2 of the UJA. In the party were warned that in the interior of the drum of the blind could have nested bats.

The notice sets out that “the two defendants, without taking any kind of precaution, and with the clear objective of ending the life of the animals who were refugees or nesting in the box, with no precaution whatsoever, or advice on the animals existing at that place, they began to force the blind, and to make excessive noise with bumps in the woods”.

They did so in the full light of day, which led to the bats “out of their nest completely stunned by the blows, reaching to fall from a height of over seven meters.” He adds that when the accused realized that you were bats, “away from adopting appropriate measures, in beat with more force, the box, giving rise to the pups died on the spot after falling presurosas of the nest”.

Also, the adults flew off “awkwardly” and ended up dying. The Public Ministry, qualifies the event as an “aggressive act” that led to the death of 15 adults and 30 calves.

The horseshoe bat is a vulnerable species listed within the Listing of Wild Species in Regime of special Protection and of the Catalogue Spanish of Endangered Species. The value of each copy is priced at 3,000 euros, and the department of Environment and Ordination of the Territory, claiming the two defendants in a joint compensation and solidarity of 135,000 euros earmarked for the reintegration of the species.

In addition to the year and a half of imprisonment and a compensation of 135,000 euros, the Prosecutor’s office claims the disqualification for three years of the two defendants for the exercise of hunting and fishing.

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