Píntate of colors with speakers Sonos One IS limited edition

Sonos One does not is just one of the speakers with the best qualities in the market, it is also an object of striking design that brings sophistication and good taste where it is located. But as it is never enough, Sonos made an exclusive collaboration with the Danish company design real estate THERE and the result was a collection of these gadgets in vibrant colors that are a absolute object of desire.

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Such was the success of this society, that the Sonos One THERE was one of the main products during the last edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

And now we are very happy to announce that the Sonos One IS already for sale in Mexico, though you’ll have to hurry, because it is a limited edition of 20,000 speakers. The complete collection in five colors (Forest Green, Pale Yellow, Soft Pink, Light Grey, and Vibrant Red) and only you can get it at the concept store Blend Mexico (Palmas 520, Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City).

With this announcement, the City of Mexico adds to a distinguished list of “capitals of design” that came from this collaboration as New York, Berlin, London, Paris and Copenhagen in Denmark.

Mette Hay, co-founder of THERE, explained the origin concept of the colors that they chose to dress the Sonos ONE:

“The yellow is identified with the kitchens and bathrooms that tend to be decorated with light colors and that they fit in with the stainless steel and porcelain. Shades of green we wanted to evoke the pots or plants that are placed in the windows. The light gray serves to all over the world. It was essential to find the neutral tone suitable one that fit, both in work places and in homes and different styles with that neutral tone. Pink is the color that we consider more close to the fashion: we think all pink creates a special desire at this time. The last one that I chose for the collection was the iconic red color because it gives a special touch to the furniture”.

The five colors of the collection, the Sonos One IS Limited Edition are available from the 7 November 2018, with a price of $4,799 mexican pesos.

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