Pique has to close down his video game company, drowned out by the losses

Bad news on the business career of Gerad Pique. The fc barcelona player has been forced to close Kerad Games, the company of video games that was created in the year 2011. The liquidation of the company was published Thursday in the Official Bulletin of the Commercial Registry (BORME).

The reason for the closure is not other that the poor financial situation of the company owned by the football player. According to The Country, “the great loss” of Kerdad Games have not stopped growing. The year 2015 was the last time that the company of video games for the player of the FC Barcelona presented their accounts. Then, I lost a whopping 671.390 euros, almost half of a net worth of 1.468.884 euros.

Now, the red numbers would be even higher because the games that have been launching they have not worked as they should. So much so, that Global Chronic quantifies the losses at more than 2 million euros.

In addition to this company, Pique also directs another dedicated to E-Sports and the production company Kosmos Studios, responsible for recording the controversial video of Griezmannen which confirmed that he stayed at Atletico Madrid.

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