PlayStation 4 is about 6 million consoles sold in the christmas campaign

The christmas campaign of 2017 has been especially good in the department of interactive entertainment from Sony. The japanese multinational, has published data relating to sales encompassed within this period of special consumption around the planet.

According to these, we have sold one 55.9 million games for the PS4, while PlayStation Plus has reached 31.5 million subscribers, completing the best holiday campaign in the 23 year history of the brand.

The software has not lagged behind, with over 55.9 million PS4 games sold around the world, both in physical stores and through digital download. Thus, the total games sold amounted to 645,0 million copies to 31 December 2017.

“We are pleased to confirm that, thanks to the support of our fans all over the world, this has been the best christmas campaign of the history of the company”, says John Kodera, chief executive officer of Sony Interactive Entertainment. “I want to express my gratitude to our community and partners for helping us to reach these figures so impressive”. Currently the PlayStation 4, the main system of the company, is available in 127 countries around the world.

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