Pokémon Go-oldie paste 11 smartphones on bike

In Pokémon Go are hundreds of different virtual creatures to catch. There am so you for a while sweet. The Taiwanese Mr. Chen has the patience for and has his bike specially for this purpose with eleven smartphones equipped.

It reports BBC News. Chen San-yuan has its pensionleeftijd already reached, and has all the time to Pokémon hunting to go. He is riding a bike through the capital Taipei, with eleven of smartphones are send. In Pokémon Go you catch the critters, after all, by the street. The phones are linked to powerbanks, that in the fietsmandje. As he can for 20 hours per day of uninterrupted play.

Uncle Pokémon

Three months ago, up popped Mr. Chen for the first time. When he had ‘only’ nine phones. Eleven is not enough, he wants to still have four pieces. Other players know him now as ‘Uncle Pokémon. The reason for this fanatical game? According to San-yuan he comes in this way into contact with new people and he memory young. Most of the Pokémon he knows by name.

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