Finally! WhatsApp will allow you to block responses to the style Telegram

WhatsApp continues announcing updates. The most recent allows administrators of the groups to silence contacts and block their responses. Already we had told you that the messaging application would make several changes to their groups, including the creation of “channels” where only administrators could write.

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Now announce this update would work only for the admins of the groups and allow them to send messages to other members, without which they may respond. For if they believed that there was something worse that you let on seen. A function that already exists in Telegram.

The update will also give more visibility to the ads manager without ending up lost in the many responses that I almost always end up hiding them. Messages sent this way would be as a block of text where in the bar answers, a message will appear that says “only administrators can send messages”.

The update is not yet available and WhatsApp also not released the date it will be released, but we’re going to be very outstanding in order to teach them how to activate it.

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