Why is the iPhone the Xr is the best option to switch from Android to iOS?

One of the things that Apple mentioned during its event was that the level of satisfaction of the users who have an iPhone is 98%, a figure that I would like any device manufacturer, although I do not doubt that other brands also have numbers just as high.

I already mentioned that one of the most interesting things in the Apple Event was the iPhone Xr, an iPhone economic while it is not as cheap as we would like, it is significantly more affordable in comparison with the iPhone Xs, and Xs Max.

This has led me to wonder if the iPhone Xr is a good choice to switch from Android to iOS, and I think that yes it is. With that, I am not saying that we should move from Android to iOS, but it seems to me that for those undecided users who have always been left with wanting to try a iPhone but have not done so because of the price or any other situation, then the iPhone Xr may be what you were expecting to do so.

An iPhone with the best Apple for a lower price

If there’s one thing to applaud Apple is that the iPhone Xr keeps 2 of the sales pitches, most powerful iPhone Xs and Xs Max as is the SoC A12 Bionic and the Face ID, which this year has had improvements thanks to the new algorithms implemented by the engineers of Cupertino.

Face ID is a hallmark of Apple, works very well, I don’t think that’s why should do without the Touch ID, but well, ID Face complies with its mandate, and is one of the things that many Apple users like the iPhone X.

On the other hand, the processor is one of the most powerful of today, and even though several rumours had it that the processor of this iPhone would be the same as that of the iPhone X, then bet on the A12 Bionic has been a great success, because along with the Kirin 980 are one of the few processors built under the 7 nanometers, which also have neuronal processing in its interior.

What they don’t have the iPhone XR and what does that “R”?

It is not the best phone, but…

True, there are better Android phones for the price of the iPhone Xr, and the iPhone, the Xr will never be the best phone for that price, but it has some advantages we should certainly mention.

The first is the screen, an LCD panel is not convenient when there are already the OLED, which are much better, but the LCD panels Apple dominates from start to finish, and the color calibration that makes the company is excellent, so that it is a fact that we will have a display of high quality despite not being OLED.

With its 3GB of RAM and a A12 Bionic we have enough for iOS to go smooth and without problems, so it seems to me that we’re going to have the same fluidity that we see with some phone Android high-end, which also have similar prices.

The camera is not dual, yes, it is true, but if you are not interested in taking pictures with the help of the optical zoom lens or with a wide angle, because it seems to me that the camera of the iPhone, the Xr must be in the top 10 in the market, as in his time was that of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, those that see were not a good option to leave Android, at least not from my point of view.

And finally, and very important, policy updates, bet on the iPhone Xr means that you could have at least 3 years of updates guaranteed without greater problem, which in Android you can only get with the Google Pixel.

Conclusion: can I change from Android to iOS

With the price of an iPhone Xr you can buy a Pixel 2, and have the best of Android in a phone, or you can buy another high-end great features and until you sobraría money, but if you’re determined to switch to iOS, as I think this is a good option to start.

I don’t I would change, but because I am very rooted to Android, and I like the range of options that are available to me, but something I love about Apple is their support of updates and customer care.

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