Why is fashion to put in ‘Black and White’ the display of the smartphones and how to do it?

Put the screen of your cell phone in white and black is the last cry of fashion for all those who seek to combat their addiction to these devices that have been around a window to the world.

Google Maps unveils a new design in Android

The idea is not improvised, is based on a theory that was raised last year when the exempleado Google, Tristan Harris proposed it as a way to return the cell less addictive. The idea of Harris basically says that if the phone is more “bad” or less attractive, we will no longer use it. An article in The New York Times reinforces the strategy and according to the author, Nellie Bowles, her-yes it worked.

The concept is based on neuroscience, which ensures that as animals we are (rational, but in the end animals) respond to color stimuli. Less stimulus, less attraction. The principle has already been applied by manufacturers, how is the case of the Blloc Zero18, a cell completely minimalist with a black & white screen to encourage you to spend less time using the device.

Less addiction, the new trend

All the giants of mobile technology seem to be looking for the way to return their platforms more efficient, and ensure that the users spend less time using their cell phones. In the Google I/O the company presented several options to detach the people from the phones; so did Apple just during the WWDC 2018 where he presented the apps for iOS 12 Screen Time and Do Not Disturb button to tell the user the amount of time you spend using the mobile device; also the social networks such as Instagram have the same goals.

Well, until specific apps for them have been created as is the case of Siempo, an application that in addition to helping you better manage your phone, to use it less, it also makes your phone “annoying” to inhibit its use.

How do I get back my screen in black-and-white?

Both iOS as Android offer the option to turn your screen to black-and-white. Here we tell you step by step how to do it if you want to try this trend and tell us if it works for you to see minus the phone. In Android


  • Go to settings.
  • Select the option General.
  • Then click on Accessibility.
  • After click to “Function to quickly accessibility”.
  • Select “colour Filters” and tap three times the home button.
  • And voila, your screen is black and white.



It is a little more complicated, but also achievable. In fact, before you have to activate as a “Programmer”.

  • Go to settings.
  • Select “phone Information.
  • Go to the “No compile” and click on it as many times as necessary until you see “developer Options” or “Options programmer”.
  • Type in the captcha that asks.
  • Once confirmed as a Developer/Programmer, look for the option “Simulate color space” and click on it.
  • Then, click on the option of “color blindness” and ready.

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