Why Google does not use more of a rear camera on their phones?

The new generation of the Pixel is already among us, and after months of leaks, we already know how you are both physically and inwardly the equipment of the company of Mountain View, which come only with a single rear camera for a third consecutive year.

Many of us hoped that this year the submission of the Pixel with dual camera in the rear, however, the company has demonstrated why he did not do so, and if I insist, it seems to me that the Pixel 4 also will have more of a rear sensor.

Why put a sensor that does not need

Google has mentioned the day of your event, it is not necessary to have a second rear camera on the Google Pixel, and the reason is very simple, with a single sensor can do the two.

Google is a company specialized in software, and for much of that time he has worked on new software features that would bring the results to the hardware, and the portrait mode of the Pixel is a clear example, as with a single sensor and software is accomplished by what many phones can do it with two.

Guess who is already trolleando to Google and making a mockery of the notch of the Pixel 3

Of course, many could say that the results are not the same, and that many times the software is very artificial, and that may be true, but it is not the case of Google, because the company makes an almost perfect, for I do not doubt that there are times where the software has some details, but only users exquisite they usually realize that type of details, and many others are not noticeable to the naked eye, so that is not a nuisance.

Providing what users need

Something that I called a lot of attention from the Pixel 3 is that they have improved aspects such as the night photography and the Night Sight, that according to what we have been able to see the results are amazing at the moment, could only see in the chamber a triple of the Huawei P20 Pro and your camera is powered by artificial intelligence.

On the other hand we have Top Shot, which allows users to have the best photograph, because the camera taking constantly pictures, so you always have the best, and once chosen then delete the other device, and that is something that no other phone does like the Pixel.

To have this type of functions you do not need two cameras, you need a powerful software, and most users will take more advantage of it than a telephoto or a wide angle, I repeat, the majority of the users, not the ones that tend to specialize in photography semi-professional use and therefore need a different kind of shots.

The future is the software, not the hardware

We are reaching a point in which the number of cameras is becoming ridiculous, there is already a computer with 4 cameras, and may the next year arrive the first with 5 sensors, but Google is betting on to improve the features of your unique camera by software, and thus does not have to include a sensor that the majority of users are not going to use.

But if you look at the other manufacturers we realize that we are also betting for the software, Huawei has designed a processor with NPU that enhances the photos with artificial intelligence, hence the night mode is outstanding.

It seems to Me that the idea of Google is to always offer the best options software with a single sensor, and only if it is absolutely necessary to include a second, as it has done with the front camera, where at the moment there is a software feature that allows offer the results of a wide-angle lens for selfies group, which is one of the favorite activities of users in social networks.

Google sells an experience of software in the Pixel, and that is the argument of sale of the company, so that anyone who chooses one of these phones because you like Android pure, quick updates, differential functions by software and unique of Google’s new products, which is why I think that the Pixel 4 will follow the same line.

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