Why Google sells the Pixel 3 in India and not in Mexico?

Once again Google has left to Mexico and Latin america out of the list of the countries where it is sold, the new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, however, calls attention to the presence of countries such as India, that are not so different to Mexico, Brazil or Argentina, that is to say, it is also a market in a third world, which definitely makes a lot of noise in my head to know why Mexico continues to be a market in which Google wants to bet.

This topic I’ve chatted with some co-writing, and we have come to a conclusion, which has not been confirmed by Google, and that is basically a simple analysis of the economic and demographic situation.

For its part, Google has said that as of today there is no information about the release of the Pixel 3 in Mexico, also highlight the fact that Google products reach the different markets when they are ready to offer the best experience to the users.

Mexico has a little less than 10% of the population of India

According to information from the World Bank, India had in 2016, with 1,324 million people, while Mexico in the same year was 127.5 million people, that is to say, India has a little over 10 times the population of Mexico.

To that I am going with all this, the fact that India has more people means that there is a greater likelihood of success of retail in India than in Mexico, since there are 10 times more population, and it is a market with similar characteristics.

In Mexico earns on average the same as in India

The purchasing power is an important point for companies to sell a new product in a new market, and this is just one of the reasons why constantly criticize the high price of the new iPhone, as in Mexico, the purchasing power is not equalized with that of the united States.

In India on average earn about 35,100 rupees monthly, which is the equivalent of $8,975.56 MXN. On the other hand, in Mexico the average salary also varies between $8,152 MXN and $10,227 MXN monthly.

Here is the magic of the new Google Pixel 3

The difference again is that in India there are a lot more people, and there are financing programs to buy high-end phones, even in this country you can rent a Google Pixel and change it every two years, so that people can bet by purchasing this type of equipment.

India is the market of the future

Although it is a third world country, such as Mexico, India paints to be one of the growth markets of the future, not by anything Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, OPPO and OnePlus are betting very strong for India.

Samsung and Xiaomi manufactured smartphones in this country, OnePlus has sought partnerships with companies like Amazon to launch their mobile phones, and in Mexico we are still far from seeing phones from OnePlus or from the high-end Xiaomi, at least in an official way, and not to mention OPPO.

Samsung inaugurates the factory of largest smartphone in the world in India

Companies like Google are betting on launching new products in India, WhatsApp debuted the mobile payments in this country, and Apple could make its iPhone here, at least those who are going to be sold in this and other asian markets, and the situation in Mexico is far from true.

According to analysts, India will be a market that will generate significant income for the majority of the technology companies in less than a decade, something that no other market in the world, it seems that can offer short-term, the reason for which Google is betting more for selling their phones in India and not in Mexico.

These might be some of the reasons that Mexico has not been chosen to reach the Pixel, but as I mentioned earlier, we are looking for an official position on the part of the company.

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