Why the people of Sweden often wear black

In addition to IKEA, the Nobel and Astrid Lindgren, the more unlikely it may seem, Sweden is associated with the color black. Those who have visited Stockholm, the capital of this nordic country, surely you have noticed that the inhabitants of this metropolis, they love the black clothing, mixing up your wardrobe once in a while with the colors white and gray.

Great.guru decided to ask the magazine Vice , what it is that they think the same swedes about their love is almost obsessive to the color black. Don’t miss the explanation of a famous journalist at the end of the article. It turns out that yes they have their reasons.

Why do people wear black? I think the black is a great canvas. You can draw on it whatever you want. You can wear shiny, a bag magnificent, because the black is a background fantastic. And when you think about it, you realize that the black color unites all the other colors.

Liza Forslund, a student of the school of design

Yes, black is safe, it is minimalist. It is easy to use. But people could also dress from head to toe in another colour, for example, grey or white. The black just always have more options to combine.

Ylva Arwidson, a participant of the Fashion Week in Stockholm

I suspect that this colour is linked to success. When you are successful, you dress in black. This always looks good, sophisticated. But, of course, is a way of thinking about european, so the color black here is a basic color, while in other places, let’s say Thailand, you probably the colorful prints are considered base.

Daniel Björk, editor

I think that is because people are shy, and the black clothing is the easiest way to mingle with the crowd and keep you on the safe side, so to speak.

Natan Nygård, model

I think this has to do with the fact that people don’t want to call too much attention to his person. And it seems to me that, to some extent, this is linked with our heritage of puritan. You already know: don’t enaltezcas, not enaltezcas things as mundane as what are the beauty or physical appearance; focus on the work etc, The color black is the best in this case.

Daniel Björk, editor

Interestingly, the same opinion of one of the journalists of Russian-american more famous Vladimir Pozner. When I asked why, in the nordic countries people love both the black tones in the clothing, he answered:

What will the countries of the north, especially scandinavians, I have noticed that people dress modestly. Dress in eye-catching way is considered bad taste. I think that lutheranism has a lot to do with this behavior.

Vladimir Pozner

Do you think that in your country there are perceptions established that influence in the modern society and even in the way they dress?

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