Why Mozilla has stopped development of Firefox on Android?

If we have to talk about browsers on Android probably the first options that come to your head are Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, in addition to being the most downloaded, are also the most complete, especially when we talk about Firefox, which in recent months has shown interesting developments.

However, Mozilla (the company behind Firefox) has announced that it will stop the development of your application in Android, why?, because it will create a new browser for Android.

Without giving many explanations, so has announced the free software company, that with this announcement leaves many questions about the future of one of the browsers icons for mobile devices, especially on Android.

What has become clear is that Firefox on Android will continue to have support, especially with regard to security updates, but since we will not see more news for a while, at least until further notice, and that if the company does not decide to kill Firefox on Android.

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This is not precisely bad, as the company is not abandoning the project, without more, but is working on a new browser more full for Android, and that is if we look at the more recent work of the company, a few months ago launched Firefox Focus, the browser light and private in Android, so perhaps Mozilla is considering to gather all of your tools and options in a single browser, this way would fragment their products.

Mozilla will work with a set of open-source libraries that they can develop new browsers and applications that work by way of the browser, which bear the name of Android Components.

Beyond that, and the announcement that there will be continued support to the implementation, we do not know when will the new Mozilla browser to Android, and if this will mark the end of the era of Firefox in the mobile operating system most used in the world.

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