Why many companies are updating their terms and conditions?

Some users on social networks have asked us what is the reason why many companies are changing their terms and conditions of service, and is that a few weeks ago, companies such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram updated their terms and conditions, but now there have been many other companies that have done the same thing in the last few days.

The reason is because today enters into force the obligation to comply with the new law on data protection in Europe, the famous GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation), which affects all companies dealing with data of people that reside in Europe, no matter if the companies are not originating from this continent.

To ensure that the companies comply with this law, will be charged a fine to all those who do not update their terms and conditions. But this is not a simple update, but it should tell clearly what information you are collecting from users and what it is used for.

As mentioned, you must be so clear, because in the case of Facebook, one of the constant criticisms from users was that the company drafted the terms and conditions of the most confusing as possible, this way always ended up more confused after reading the terms and conditions.

This is the reason why Instagram records everything you do in the app

Thanks to this change it has discovered information as we share with you today on the information that it collects Instagram of our device, which makes it to discover potential bot within the application.

The GDPR is also known as the RGPD, which, for its acronym Spanish stands for (General Regulation on Data Protection). And that is despite the fact that this law came into force from may 24, 2016, it has not been until the day of today, may 25, 2018, when all companies are required to comply with the law.

For obvious reasons, this law is applied to all the countries belonging to the European Union, so that does not mean that what happens in Europe will apply precisely to the users of the american continent, for example, in Europe, WhatsApp is forbidden to share data with Facebook of its users, while in America it is not forbidden.

The advantages is that we will be able to know with more detail to use the information they collect to us companies, given that most of the services that we use in America are also used in Europe.

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