Why we don’t need 4 cameras rear on a smartphone

Today Samsung unveiled its new mid-range smartphone known as Galaxy A9 (2018), and which is the first in the world with 4 cameras rear, so 5 in total looking to the front camera.

This has led me to think if it is really necessary for a phone with so many cameras, or if it is more a slip of Samsung for their need to conquer the mid-range and win market share to Xiaomi and Huawei in countries such as India or Latin america. Well, I think it’s more an experiment of the company to see what happens, and that he was born of the pressure exerted on Xiaomi and Huawei in a market controlled by the south koreans.

How will these 4 cameras?

The sensors of the Galaxy A9 (2018) will be the following:

As we can see we will have a main sensor of 24 MP with aperture f/1.7, and will be accompanied by a telephoto of 2 × (2X) 10 MP and f/2.4, on the other hand we have a wide-angle of 120 degree 8 MP, and, finally, a depth sensor of 5 MP with f/2.2 which will serve for photographs in portrait mode or with bokeh effect.

With this configuration of cameras, users will have a good range of options for taking photos, but be careful, because many sensors, or with lots of megapixels are not synonymous with good pictures, to do this you also need a good image processing, and support of software.

Less is more

There is an old saying that mentions “much covers, little squeezes, and that is look, Samsung has even put up for sale their smartphone with three cameras in the rear presented a few weeks ago and that we know as the Galaxy A7 (2018) and is already going to launch a new phone with 4 cameras.

Now, the mid-range of Samsung is not exactly the best in the section photo, and the truth is that the company has been overtaken in photography in the high-end Huawei, Apple and Google, and the problem is that Xiaomi will pisa stubs, proof of this are the scores of the site specialising in photography DxOMark, where the Xiaomi Mi 8 is a point below the Galaxy S9+, and although the Pixel 3 XL has not been analyzed, the evidence of yesterday, let us see that we are in the best camera on the market today.

What I’m getting is that we should not think that by having 4 cameras we will be talking about the best smartphone photography market, the Pixel 3 XL has a single camera and is better than all the others, the secret of Google is in the software and artificial intelligence.

Here is the magic of the new Google Pixel 3

The majority of users are not going to use 4 sensors

Another point to consider is that the majority of users tend to use the phone to take a pretty picture of the pet, a holiday with friends or selfie for the profile of Facebook and Instagram, and proof of this is that many friends who have a phone with a telephoto never used to make pictures with the optical zoom, or use the wide angle in case of have it, and say not of those users who have a Huawei with a monochrome sensor for black and white photographs.

Huawei P20 Pro camera sample

Surely many of the users followers of Unocero and fans of the technology yes use all the sensors of their cameras, but the average user does not.

Here the issue will also be the price of the equipment, as if the fact of having four sensors will significantly increase the price of the equipment in comparison with other models in the range, because the reality is that I doubt that people will bet, then, by the model “innovator” of Samsung.

What do you guys think?

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