Why you can not sleep and the remedies that will help you to combat the insomnia

Around 15% of the world population suffers from insomnia. People need approximately 8 hours of restful sleep deep each night to keep in optimum condition, your physiological health and psychological well-being. We examine in more detail what could be the cause of the insomnia and discover some effective remedies to combat it.

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1. Multiple sclerosis

Scientists from the University of California at Davis have conducted studies that reveal the link between multiple sclerosis and insomnia. A total of 2300 people were subjected to tests for detection of multiple sclerosis. More than 70% of the participants was diagnosed with the sleep disorder.

Despite the fatigue, which is a hallmark of multiple sclerosis, a person often can’t get to sleep for at least half an hour. Often have to take pills to be able to forget about insomnia. In the high-risk zone are people from 20 to 50 years.

2. Stress

The results of the research of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine shows that stress can cause insomnia. Thomas Roth and his colleagues observed that the way to tackle complicated situations plays an important role in the life of the patient. A person must know to ignore the environment and divert their attention from the activities stressful.

When a person is constantly subjected to stress, the insomnia may become chronic.

3. Energy drinks

In the last few years has increased the consumption of energy drinks. A study of 4 years, conducted by experts from the University Camilo José Sela evaluated the positive and negative impact of energy drinks in humans. The participants noted that they had more strength and endurance, but developed insomnia and nervousness.

The negative consequences are related to the caffeine content in energy drinks that has a stimulant effect associated with the stimulation of the central nervous system.

4. Asthma

A team of researchers from the University of Pittsburgh discovered that the insomnia often occurs in people with asthma. In 37% of subjects with breathing problems due to muscle spasms were observed sleep disorders. Participants with insomnia were unable to control your physical state, developed depression and other symptoms of anxiety, which were signs of deterioration of health.

The scientists point out that it is very important for patients with asthma get rid of insomnia-time to reduce the risk of such an outcome tragic.

5. Stroke

Studies at the University of Surrey show that those who suffered a stroke have difficulty sleeping, which in turn affects the overall recovery and quality of life. Scientists believe that insomnia experienced by patients with stroke is caused by a number of contributing factors, such as the psychological tensions, the pain and discomfort, also the decrease in the level of physical activity.

Don’t underestimate the importance of sleep for the patient during recovery from a stroke suffered, as the sleep helps to improve and maintain the physical and mental wellbeing.

6. Alcohol

The study from Johns Hopkins University involved 4970 adult participants. The subjects reported on the number of days during which they drank the “4 or more drinks at once” in the past 3 months. The responses were used to calculate the average amount of days a week when consumed beverage. Participants also reported difficulty sleeping and sleeping problems.

The results showed that people who drink alcohol 2 times a week or more are prone to develop insomnia.

7. Menopause

It is known that women are more predisposed to insomnia. A new study from the University of Pennsylvania suggests that, during the menopause, the risk of insomnia increases several times. The most common complaints related to sleep include difficulty sleeping, constant night awakenings and poor sleep quality.

Of the 3302 participants in the study, more than a third suffered from insomnia, complain of frequent awakenings during the night.

8. Weakened immune system

Dr. Eamonn Mallon of the University of Leicester demonstrated that the immune system can also be the cause of the insomnia. The biologist noted that the common misperception is that, if you are sick, you sleep more. However, the study shows otherwise: the insomnia induced by the disease is quite widespread.

A weak immune system can lead to a disease that usually causes sleep disturbances.

9. Watch tv programmes and series

A study from the University of Michigan involved 423 people between the ages of 18 and 25 years of age. Spent a survey, evaluating the regularity of viewing tv programs, the quality of sleep, fatigue, and insomnia. It was a question of watching several consecutive episodes of the same series. The authors note that, due to the narrative structure complex of this series, the viewer has to focus completely on what is happening on the screen.

As a result, the interaction-intensive with the content of television may require a longer period of time to relax before you go to bed. In many cases, this can cause insomnia.

What help you get to sleep

1. Yoga

The research of the Institute of Health Studies in Seattle (Seattle Research Institute for Health) have shown that practicing yoga for 12 weeks can cure insomnia. The experiment involved 249 people. Practiced yoga and performed moderate-intensity aerobic exercise. As a result, it was found that improved sleep quality, decreased the level of depression and stress.

Women during menopause should pay special attention to the yoga, as it will help you to get rid of insomnia.

2. Herbal remedies

The sleep disorder can seriously affect a person’s life, and is associated with several diseases including: obesity, depression, anxiety, and inflammatory processes. Robert Rountree in his work Review of the effectiveness of herbal remedies to control the insomnia described a number of plants that can be used to improve the quality of sleep. Among the medicinal herbs are highlighted, for example, valerian, hops, chamomile and St. John’s wort.

This treatment approach is good because the method is natural, safe and effective. To avoid insomnia, it is recommended to refrain from dishes with many condiments and spices.

3. Cherry juice

Researchers from the University of Louisiana discovered that the cherry juice two times a day for 2 weeks helped increase sleep time in nearly 90 minutes among people with insomnia. The cherry is a natural source of melatonin, which helps regulate the cycle of waking.

If you take cherry juice in the morning and in the evening, you may notice how the problems associated with insomnia are gone forever. The carbonated drinks that contain caffeine, by contrast, constitute the group of beverages is not recommended.

4. Light therapy

In accordance with Grace, Dean of the University of the State of New York in Buffalo, the light plays an important role in the stabilization of circadian rhythms, or the so-called internal clock of a person. The abundance or, on the contrary, the lack of light, will affect the sleep.

The treatment of sleep disorders with light therapy is not something new, but this study evaluates the efficiency of a single method in the therapy. Lenses with bulbs built-in are an alternative laptop to the cabins of large light that are commonly used in the treatment of patients who suffer from insomnia.

5. Meditation

David Black and his colleagues from the University of Southern California conducted a small clinical trial involving 49 people with sleep disorders. The results showed that mindfulness meditation plays a specific role in the resolution of problems associated with insomnia.

The patients who practiced meditation not only improved the quality of sleep, it also cured his depression, anxiety and stress, it is also worth mentioning that the fatigue was completely gone.

6. Lenses with crystals of amber color

Knowing that people have difficulties to change their habits, researchers at the Medical Center of Columbia University have tested a method to reduce the negative impact of night lighting. Smartphones, tablets and other devices light emitters are illuminated by LEDs at night inhibit melatonin which can lead to a disorder of the circadian cycle.

The use of lenses tone amber that block the blue light softens these effects. In addition to get rid of insomnia, the patients also experienced a decrease in blood pressure and a positive effect on hypertension.

7. Correct position

They all have their positions of sleep favorite, but it turns out that some positions are better than others. According to the Dr. John Douillard, sleep on the left side is beneficial for the health.

Such a position facilitates the lymphatic drainage of your brain, promotes proper digestion and promotes the healthy function of the spleen. Therefore, try to sleep on your left side and you will feel better.

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