Why we must never change our queue in the supermarket

In these dates we all have to make purchases. This implies that forming huge queues to pay. And, as usual, almost all of us have the feeling that the next queue always goes faster. What to do then? How to change or to stay where we were? A new study conducted by researchers from the University of Harvard suggests that the second option, staying on our site, it is almost always the best.

The authors of the report found that when a person is in the last position of the tail, is four times more likely to be changed to the next. This is a reaction brought about by a psychological mechanism that has been termed “aversion to the last post”.

The researchers conducted an experiment in which volunteers had to be placed in the last position of a dummy queue at the supermarket. And the result was that the 20% of the participants to the test are shifted to the side. Although it wasn’t up to anything because, at the time of the truth, most of them had to wait more time than if they had remained in hers. And that wait was even greater for those who changed several times, and queue.

The researchers explain that the choice of the first queue is usually the result of a rational process, based on indications that make think that is the shortest or, at least, is not the slowest. But, then, the fact of being in the last position generated by a curious anxiety that leads many people to move to a different queue, even if they have no reliable data that the other is going faster.

But, is there any way to choose the queue faster? There is No way of guaranteeing it, but there are some tricks that can help. Specialists suggest to always choose the left, because most people, being right-handed, have a tendency to go to the right. And also choose one in which there are fewer people of advanced age that, for obvious reasons, tend to make their actions more slowly. Though, of course, there are also young people that are slower than any elderly person. That said, nothing is guaranteed. So the best thing is when we do queue is to have a little patience. Sooner or later, will come our turn.

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