Why fell my building? The platform that showcases the corruption a year after the earthquake

“Earthquakes do not kill, the corruption yes”, is the heart-rending phrase that the civil association of Mexican Anti-Corruption (MCCI) chose to present its platform , “why it fell down my building”, an ambitious journalistic exercise that came to a conclusion chilling on the balance of the earthquake of the 19th of last September: Many lives and damages could have been avoided if in the City of Mexico to respect the rules for making constructs.

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Among the “findings” that found the filmmakers of the research ensure that the citizens we find ourselves helpless in the CDMX before constructions to be defective, primarily promoted by authorities are highly corrupt which grant permissions and approvals to buildings that do not comply with the requirements; and businessmen, real estate irresponsible and greedy that privilege business considering savings in materials and promoting works illegal without notifying the authorities. Even called the capital of the country, “a Russian roulette”.

According to the calculations of MCCI, several of the 228 deaths recorded in Mexico City (62% of the 369 recorded as being the official balance of the earthquake that affected five entities of the Republic) was due to construction of property that did not comply with the regulations in force in Mexico City (considered as one of the best in the world), promoted after the tragedy of the earthquake the same September 19, 1985, but which now serves as an “ornament,” according to the researchers conclude.

The chronicle of the research is also one of opacity and concealment on the part of the authorities that did not meet the majority of the 800 requests for information made by the team, mainly the Government of the City of Mexico.

Why fell my building? A robust digital platform

To process all the information gained from this investigation for nearly a year and coordinated by Thelma Gomez, the researchers reviewed more than 300 buildings affected by the earthquake of last year, and selected 28 buildings to make what they called an “autopsy”, which in reality was a deep analysis and with the advice of experts in law and engineering to determine how prepared were the constructs that were victims of the phenomenon.

The findings are highly disturbing. A good example is the collapsed in the street Emiliano Zapata, number 56, in the delegation Benito Juarez, which killed two women. MCCI explains in one of his investigations that the property was poorly designed and for its construction were used materials of poor quality, their foundation, and weld was weak. Despite this the authorities gave their approval to the work.

The micro-site set up by MCCI to present their research includes sections for each of the 28 buildings considered in their selection (in the CDMX collapsed 38 buildings, according to figure-official), with data of affected developers, builders involved, and even engineers that also were involved in the collapses of the 1985 earthquake.

Account also with an extensive catalog of videos on his YouTube channel where he chronicles the stories of the Lolas affected by the tragedy, those who lost loved ones, or your estate for the negligence of authorities and entrepreneurs.

He also points out that the figures created after the 1985 earthquake to monitor and ensure that the works comply with the regulations -the Directors Responsible for the Work (DRO) and the co-responsibility in Structural Safety (CSE)- have become the breeding ground for corruption and sign documents passing without reviewing them. In fact, several DROs and entrepreneurs are on the run after the earthquake of 19-S.

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