Why is it said that men and women are the same species? Here are 17 photos that show that they are very different

The differences are confusing between men and women are as old as those of parents and children. Despite the dozens of books that are written about it, it all boils down to one question: what are, at least, part of the same species?

Great.guru knows that, biologically speaking, men and women are human. But then we look at these photos and we really start to ask ourselves: how is it possible that they belong to the same species if they are so different?

“My wife has a photo frame on top of the toilet to hold your phone and be able to listen to music while in the shower. She would have realized that I should not have let an opportunity like this. Our relatives will arrive home in 20 minutes”

“I opened the bag my wife and I started to laugh. She asked what was so funny”

“My wife asked for a bag to train for his birthday. Let’s say that today is quite happy to”


“My wife wanted to buy a new lamp that was Disney-related, to coincide with most of the things in the room of our daughter of 3 months…”

“My wife says that I need to grow, but I can’t stop laughing to this … ”

Please feel the balls.

“My grandmother likes to buy snacks every time you go to the store, so we ask a little bit of sour cream and fresh onion. We caused a lot of laughter that brought us”

Sour cream and fresh onion.

“My wife and I cannot agree on how to decorate our tree. 4 years ago we started doing this as a joke, but today it is a tradition that is deeply rooted in house”

“My wife really likes when I do chores, so I sent her these pics while she was at work”

Heavy load.

“I walked into the living room only to see my wife with her wedding dress… watching the royal wedding”

“My wife said I could decorate the guest bathroom as if it was mine. I must say that this place has done a shout out to a couple of people”

“The planes just make me super nervous. My wife and I took this photo in the restaurant of the airport, when we were about to board the aircraft to fly to our honeymoon destination”

“Then, my wife bought a poster decorative for our kitchen…”

“My wife shares her birthday with Hitler, so I made him this card”

Happy birthday, Hitler!

It is my birthday, I can cry if I want to.

“I told my husband that I wanted a photo alone with Jason Momoa, but he was not very agree with that”

“My husband is not allowed to go alone to the shop of crafts”

“When my mother tries to combine the love of outdoors from my husband with his passion for The war of the galaxies”

“I present to you a gift, ‘what the hell is that under our tree?’. Going to fool my wife”

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