Why are so many streaming platforms are increasing piracy?

Platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Blim and Clear Video, to mention a few, compete to have the largest number of subscribers possible, but do not know that the main competition have it out of your system: piracy.

Many would believe that with the huge variety of streaming platforms, the problem of piracy would end completely, but the reality is very different, as it has managed to develop greatly.

But why this happens if the same diversity of companies give hundreds of options to people so that they can access all the movies, series and documentaries.

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More options, more piracy

The birth of this evil that affects hundreds of companies, it can be said that it arises for many reasons, but they all focus on two basis points:

  • Access to the content
  • Economic deficiencies

One leads to the other, therefore this united, since if a person cannot find what you want in the time you want, then go to other sites where everything is free, fast and effective, and that place clearly is the pirate.

While there are economic plans that consider the salaries of the people, are not always good enough, because they do not have all of the productions that want to see the users, because the catalog is not enough wide for them.

This means that they will end up looking for them and downloading them thanks to the torrents, that despite having as main purpose the sharing of any file type, are most commonly used to pirate things all over the world like him.

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Then, why the streaming platforms are the problem or the solution?

The answer would be both, since the range of options has made very happy to individuals around the world, but they are also the problem because they do not have what the user wants, because the complaints about content are the main issue, which is unleashed on the social networks every time they come to light on the updates that will have each month.

Similarly, one of the factors that influences the answer of this question, are the exclusive contents, which increase the desire of people to see them, but not for that reason be accepted the to be paying month-to-month subscription, so to be so many content limited, the best solution found by the individuals is that of piracy.

It may be that the phenomenon of piracy never goes away, but if you continue to expand the platforms of streaming, it is possible to continue staying in the minds and computers of the people.

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