Why all the world goes crazy for football, and other responses to the questions of the world’s most popular sport

The world has been hit by football fever, and while half of humanity sees a match with the heart in the hand, the other will not understand what it is that is special about this simple game. We have accumulated more questions than answers, in particular the most absurd and strange, that is why we have decided to make use of the word right now.

Great.guru tried to find out why the football cause in people such strong emotions and in what lies their secret.

When and how it became so popular the football?

Football is one of the team sports oldest. What can be more simple than a game with a ball? This is how they thought in many countries of the world, kicking with excitement the ball, and all parties called this game their way. Since then, the discussions of who was the first to invent football, but the game received a wide circulation approximately in the NINETEENTH century in England. This was aided by colonization: the British Empire conquered all of the new States, which have adopted the culture, customs, and of course, the game of Albión.

The emergence of television also contributed to the popularity of football. The simple and understandable rules allowed the spectators to move easily in what was happening on their screens, and the show inspired children to develop their skills and strive to achieve success in this game.

It seems that they are just 22 grown men running after a ball on a large field. What is so amazing? Why is this game like millions of people around the world? What is special about it?

There are a few obvious reasons why football has become, without exaggeration, the most popular game and loved all over the planet.

1. Is the game more accessible in the world

To play football, it is sufficient to have two legs, two hands, even if it is a pitch and an object that simulates a ball. You do not need any equipment or special equipment. It is useful to any surface: grass, sand and dirt. Also you do not need a large amount of players to train, as it is necessary in rugby. The rules of the game are very accessible and understandable for all viewers of the world. That’s precisely why the stars of football they can appear anywhere, either in central Africa or the slums of India.

Another important fact available of this game: to play football you do not need to possess any special parameter, either height, weight and even speed. But it is essential to have a physical preparation and ability to think “footballing”, without exhaustive training and develop those skills. Thus, the height of 170 cm did not prevent him from Lionel Messi to become the 4-time holder of the “golden Ball” and the best scorer of Barcelona and the national team of Argentina. In childhood, Messi suffered from a deficit of growth hormone and the doctors were able to help the young athlete to grow, but, anyway, it is difficult to consider a person high.

2. It is a good method to release emotions

The spirit of the rivalry is settled in us by nature, and football is a great way to release emotions and passions, both for the fans as for the players themselves. And, if it was 40 or 50 years ago football was to some extent a sublimation of war, today the perception of the game has changed: the competitions between countries virtually are not associated with politics. The same players from different countries all around the world play for the súperclubes and to their own selections; the world has been internationalized.

Football fans: the most crazy, noisy and emotional. The confrontation between fans happens anyway, but the aggressiveness is often left in the stands and is limited to the screams. The football stadium, apparently, are one of the few places where people totally legal way you can shed a great amount of emotions and feelings, positive and negative: yelling, kicking, getting annoyed by the referee’s decisions, the actions of the opposing team or your own team. The intensity of the passion in the stadiums, particularly during the important matches, is huge, and this is one of the reasons why people adore the football.

3. It is spectacular

In football you can’t play with the hands: maybe that’s why we look at reviews on how the players on the field dominate the ball virtuously with the help of only one leg and score amazing goals with your head? On the other hand, the annotations here are not as frequent as, for example, in basketball, which means that every annotation in the goal cause emotions particularly hectic and concerns.

Football really is a game very spectacular: here, many decide the tactics, the attack and counter attack, every team has its own and unique styles of play. Football lovers know how to get a real sense of satisfaction from the beautiful passes, conduits or dribbling. At the end of it all, the actions occur in the massive and modern stadiums, open air, around a the incredible atmosphere and the noise of the fans, remain indifferent to all of this is almost impossible.

4. Football evokes pride

In the opinion of many lovers of football, this game has a magic determined: to unite the people. In the century of globalization and mixing of cultures, people do not always remember their homeland. Although this may seem pretentious, the games of the national teams will help you to be recognized as a citizen of the nation, that it was encouraged by the hundreds of thousands of people, and the victories aroused pride in the good sense.

For example, we have the team of the Russian team at the World cup 2018. There were few people who believed in the success of the team, his hearing was very poor, as always, and the chance of passing the group stage was almost non-existent. But, for the first time in 48 years, the team managed to enter the quarter-final and showed a game worthy. The russians received an incredible load of emotions, a true celebration of soccer, and how many kids now want to be football for some time to act on another world championship, is something unknown.

If the reasons for the worship of global football are now more or less clear, there are also some questions that remain without answers. Let us not waste even a second of time, here they are!

Why do soccer players have big salaries?

The players receive as much as the equipment they can afford. And to be more precise, this money is for the player to not go to another team. If the salary of a player is very low, he may simply move on to another team more rich. Such a scheme of the fixation of prices does not seem to give good results, and the wages of the players really are sometimes beyond the borders of what is reasonable.

On the other hand, many computers are commercial structures. They win on account of the sales of attributes, advertisements and the funds they receive from the sponsors. Football stars are just as famous as the stars of Hollywood, and the talent of one of those players is enough to throw the club at a high level. On the other hand, the race of the players is of only 10 to 15 years, and football is a contact sport and traumatic.

Why the football field is full of stripes?

In reality, it is not by the height of the grass: this parameter is strictly regulated and the height of the grass is the same everywhere in the field. The field is mowed in different directions, in consequence, the herb is found in different sides. As a result it seems that the lawn is divided into strips. This is done for a reason: the size of the field is large, and the straight lines serve as a demarcation additional. Therefore, it is easier for the umpires to monitor the position of the players and place the “barrier” for the faults.

By the way, the grass in modern stadiums is not cultivated, it is carried in the form of rolls. After placing the field looks like a “cake mille-feuille”: underneath the grass there is sand and gravel, and also piping for the heating system and drainage.

Why are the players of the soccer frequently fall? Is it painful?

As we have already mentioned, soccer is a type of contact sport, for this reason, some drops of players are really very painful and dangerous. Bruises, contusions and sprains are something common for any football player. But it is not always the case.

Some teams play excessively a football aggressive, and in the process of the battle does not give them worth committing entries hard: they will not stick to the ball, but the legs of the rivals. Such a game can not only stop the attacks, but also the players as such. Particularly can play tough against the famous players and their participation in political parties is very valued and important to the team.

Often, the referees do not notice the moves hard. It is precisely for this cause occur a large number of falls in the field, if the player holds and does not fall, then the referee may not notice the lack.

The simulations have become a part of football, but it may be different. Some players simulate the nothing as an attempt to receive a lack to your advantage, a penalty or a card for the opponent, and such behavior is often obvious. There are those who simulate to show the referee a hard game: for example, the player of the brazilian team, Neymar, loves to attract attention with its endless fall. He is a bad actor, but it is worth recognizing that your opponents play against him so hard without giving it the opportunity to attack. And so happen to fall time and time again. But the falls by soft touches are completely foreign, they easily perceived even by those who never have been interested in the football.

And you, do you like football? Do you follow the World Cup in Russia?

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