Preview: of the Featured Emoji Keyboard Project Hopefully On its Way

This is a kickstarter project which will be launched only after reaching the succesfull amount from funds providers to be able to acomplish this and to bring it into the market.

How would you imagine having the feeling you would feel when the new Emoji Keyboard Skin if finally made available? Although some recipients of this news still wonder why mobile shorthands are being introduced into the world of desktops and laptops.

The product itself is not a keyboard, but an overlay for existing Mac keyboards. It turns a pedestrian keyboard into a colorful tool of whimsy, which users can automatically launch by simply pressing the caps-lock key (this transforms into an “emoji” key after Disk Cactus’ software is downloaded).

This is a new inovation which has been started by a group co-founders that published this project on website to gather funds to be able to fully fund this project to make it available. Will this be a Success? Please feel free to leave your comments here below.

Hitting the key gives users access to five different of sets

Emoji Keyboard Featured 2 Emoji Keyboard Featured 1

Slight Short Preview of What is comming Up  with the Emoji Keyboard Check the Video here below:


For a Mac, entering your favorite Emoji becomes a tedious process of navigating a character-entry tab and clicking on emoji one at a time with a mouse. That’s where the Disk Cactus team have stepped in with their emoji keyboard overlay skin. Disk Cactus have set a funding goal of $20,000, and with 24 days to go, they’ve already raised just over $4,800 as seen onthe project crowdfunding and support page on Kickstarter A minimum pledge of $5 supports their project, while the current minimum to receive an emoji cover and software is $15. That’s a small price to pay for the ability to type hearts, cat faces, and poop icons just as easily as on your phone.




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