Privacy-friendly search engine DuckDuckGo a lot in the elevator

Internet users are always aware of the fact that they are online everywhere be followed. The privacy-friendly search engine DuckDuckGo notice that also. Processed on a daily basis the site is now up 30 million search queries per day, half more than a year ago.

By searching on Google, builds the search giant a comprehensive profile of you – a true gold mine for advertisers. In addition, search results are always closer to you tuned, so that you keep more in your own information bubble. DuckDuckGo is often mentioned as an alternative to Google, because the search engine no search of your save.

Focus on privacy

In particular, the past year has made online privacy a lot of media attention. For example, by the advent of the new privacy law and the privacy scandal by Facebook. DuckDuckGo was great with updated mobile apps and improved extensions. That is reflected in the growth figures. Since the beginning of 2018, there is a sharply rising line.

Incidentally, it still takes a while before DuckDuckGo Google has caught up. There are daily a staggering 3.5 billion searches processed. Also not surprising: Google is the default search engine in Chrome, by far the most popular browser. Forget in addition, Android is not.

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