Testing DMD Mars Mission VR

Would you like to save humanity from a plague mutant on Mars? Because this is precisely the mission of Nile Vasquez, a soldier who, along with Elizabeth Black have the difficult task of ending up with a mutant menace on the red planet that has been created by a neglect of the earthlings who have colonized Mars in order to exploit a mineral that is a major energy source for planet Earth.

This “shooter” called DMD Mars Mission has been developed by the mexican study Focka Games, who also took the award for Best game in the category of PC and Console of the National Contest of video Games MX 2017, endorsed by the ESA, as well as the second place in the category for Best Game of the Year in the same contest.

DMD Mars Mission has a little over an hour of gameplay, and has been cared for to the smallest detail to offer a gaming experience that is unrivalled in virtual reality, so that we will face our enemies in 9 different scenarios with weapons of different categories until arriving with the queen of the colony, who controls all the plague of mutant martians.

As we said Alfred Gallard and Isabel Vasquez, developers Focka Games, this game has been designed to avoid the classic dizziness that you are experiencing with the virtual reality, so that we can spend hours playing alone or with our friends in the devices Oculus Rift or HTC Live.

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In the same way, the study is planned to bring this title to the platform of virtual reality of PlayStation plus, which is working on a version of FPS (First Person Shooter) so they can play those users that do not have any compatible device for virtual reality.

It will be tomorrow, Friday, February 23 when DMD Mars Mission is available worldwide on steam, and if you buy the game during the first few days of launch will get for free the version FPS when it is available to the public.

Don’t miss out on this amazing experience of play in virtual reality and saves humanity by fighting against this plague mutant.

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