Project Linda: Razer smartphone and laptop in one

Smartphones are still not a full laptop replacement, but regularly find manufacturers in this field new concepts. As Razer is doing now with Project Linda.

The gamersmerk reveals Project Linda during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This device looks like a laptop, but is in fact only a housing and a screen. The whole is powered by a smartphone, which is on the place where usually the trackpad.

So is an empty chassis transformed into a fully fledged Android laptop. The phone in question is a Razer Phone, other devices will not fit. Once in the housing, the smartphone is charged by the internal battery of the chassis. There is also 200 GB of internal storage is present.

Mouse pad

Razer picks up during CES, incidentally, with more eye-catching devices. Take the Firefly HyperFlux. This is a mouse pad that the Mamba-gamingmuis of the company, provides energy. Similar to the Powerplay-mat Logitech. The wireless mouse, and have therefore never on the charger. The price of 279,99 euro, not cheap.

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