The province of Noord-Holland test “cruise control 2.0′

Before fully self-propelled vehicles in the future get the upper hand, to test the province of Noord-Holland is a good compromise, under the name of cooperative adaptive cruise control (] HAD). A first test with that system is now completed.

Last week drove seven cars in formation on the N205. Because the vehicles communicate with each other, inhibiting them in a timely fashion, and draw them also from himself. In addition, a connection is established with smart traffic lights. That calculate how long the light is red or green must remain so that the whole queue in one time can pass through.


The aim of the project is not only to improve the flow of traffic, but also road traffic safety. One of the challenges for the system are, indeed, other road users, in vehicles without such sensors to drive. With the new practical bag go TNO and the TU Delft now do further research, whose results in november are expected.

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