Psychologists highlighted 7 types of love and not all are able to reach the seventh

What is love? This question, for many years, has been formulated by philosophers and studied by scientists. The american psychologist Robert Sternberg in the 80’s, developed the theory of the love of three pillars, which includes intimacy, passion and commitment. According to him, it is precisely in these 3 points is this wonderful sentiment on which to speak to thousands of songs and books. Thanks to his theory Sternberg highlighted 7 types of love, about which we will discuss in this article. believes that with the passage of time the feelings change. And now, if you have not reached the seventh type of love, then possibly your partner and you need more time for this.

1. Infatuation

It is that period in which people still have been known for some time, but feel an attraction for one another. Often in such relationships, the man and the woman have no idea about if they have something in common, but they’re still together.

According to psychologists, within a time such infatuation can be transformed into something more complete, but it is not always the case. Many couples do not progress beyond this type of love.

2. Platonic love

In such relationships you’ll always remain yourself. Normally the people in such a couple to join the common interests, visions of life and a feeling of mutual understanding. Psychologists believe that such intimacy without passion and commitment rather take a friendship to a romantic love.

3. Love vacuum

Such couples only have commitment, but they do not have intimacy and passion. Sometimes such kind of affairs happens after a great passionate love, sometimes it happens the other way around, the people who felt a love vacuum, changed to one that carries feelings more passionate.

4. Love fatuous

This includes commitment and passion, is very well known by many couples. It is that case when the people really feel passion for and are ready to continue such traditions as a wedding, vows and commitment, but they do not have true intimacy.

Psychologists believe that such couples can live together for a long time, but it is difficult to name them all happy. Essentially, they don’t see their partner as a friend.

5. Romantic love

This love involves passion and intimacy. The people in such couples are like, they will feel comfortable along with your loved one, but they are not ready to take commitment seriously. Often such relationships do not come up to the stage of living together or a wedding.

6. Love sociable

Love sociable consists of commitment and intimacy. Such relationships are much stronger compared to a friendship normal, between people grows a real sweetheart. But rather it is a contract bashful, since in such a love there is no passion. Psychologists believe that the resulting type of relationships may appear after many years of getting to know or marriage.

7. Love accomplished

This love consists of 3 pillars: passion, intimacy and commitment. Of course, they may not be in the same proportion, but it is important that they are. Such relationships do not occur frequently, but if people can build, so they really want each other. What is more likely is that it is precisely such couples can live together and enjoy their marriage for a long time.

Psychologists are sure that a person in his whole life feeling different types of love. Sometimes this happens with a couple as more people reach the intimacy and go to another level. Sometimes it happens with different people. At the same time, your relationship may not be in any of these 7 common types and be found between two of them.

This typology will help to determine in what relationship are you now, and if it is worth continuing with it. And if you talk with your partner, possibly with the passage of time to achieve change to a type of love more attractive for both.

What about you love you’ve felt in your life? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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