Published the first image of Ruby Rose as Batwoman

The matter of Ruby Rose as Batwoman has been more controversial than expected. In fact, the model and actress of 32 years had to take a break from social networks after receiving a lot of criticism after his appointment to the role within the universe tv DC Comics in the string CW.

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But the plan goes as scheduled, and to prove it, DC and CW have already began to circulate in social networks the first image of what it will look like Ruby Rose in the skin of Batwoman and looks pretty, shall we say, different, but fits the aesthetic they have handled the TV series of the last decade and in the background we can clearly see the building of Wayne Enterprises and the batiseñal.

The suit who wears a Ruby, it was designed by Collen Atwood, who has won 4 times the Oscar for Best Costume Design. In addition to participating in tapes as Fantastic Animals, Memoirs of a Geisha and Chicago, he designed costumes for the series Arrow, Supergirl, and the two versions of The Tick.

The crossover annual CW and DC Comics, which is broadcast in Latin america on the cable channel Warner Bros. joins show as Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and DC Legends of Tomorrow. Batwoman will be one of the great novelties this year.

Ruby Rose and Batwoman will have her own series and it will be very important because it will be the first show of superheroes with a protagonist openly lesbian. The crossover that will debut Ruby Rose as Batwoman debuts in December of this year and will last for three episodes. Your individual series is expected by the fall of 2019. and Partners.

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