We tested 11 products that are sold through infomercials to find out what really work

How many miracle products we offer marketers of infomercials! But do they really work how we say and show? In the editorial committee, we took that question and decided to check up on how things do what they promise and are worth buying, and which objects are simply a false promise.

Great.guru invites you to take a look at the results of our experiment. Of course, this article was made on the basis of our experiences, you should make your own conclusions.

11. Sprayer citrus

The utensil proved to be really useful. You just have to insert it into a lemon pretty crushed (we think any citrus juicy serves) and the sprayer is ready for use. The main thing is to roll the fruit between your palms before inserting the device to soften the pulp. Then, you must cut the top of it and press the nozzle inward.

Our verdict: it works.

10. Stickers to lift the bust

We had many doubts regarding this idea, however, we expected a pleasant surprise. The sticker raises slightly the bust, and does its job very well. You get a kind of effect push-up, and the chest rises a little without the need of additional tricks. However, we do not believe that the adhesive can support the weight of a bust bigger in size.

Our verdict: it works.

9. Knife pineapple

At first glance, the knife we found it uncomfortable, but it turned out to be very useful. After cutting the sheets, it is necessary to insert it in the central core of the fruit, and then twisting it, squeezing tightly until you reach the bottom. As a result, not only removes the core, but the pineapple is cut into a beautiful spiral that is part easily in rings.

Our verdict: it works.

8. Machine to make braids

At first, this device does not meet our expectations. It turns out that it does not serve to make the classic hairstyle: you get something like a trencita that you must learn to transform into a braid acceptable, and that is no easy thing.

After several failed attempts, we finally had luck and we were able to make the cornrow. But, oh, how much we had fun in the process! It is likely that the machine appeals to children, but women of fashion will continue making them by hand.

Our verdict: it works.

7. Utensil to to make chips

This tool promised us delicious French fries homemade, and we expected that out as well. But the result we were disappointed: the potatoes are cooked unevenly, giving off a strong smell of plastic in the process. It took several hours to remove the aroma in the kitchen, so that we don’t even encourage you to eat them.

Our verdict: does not work.

6. Scissors for vegetables

Total failure. Given that there is very little space between the blades clog constantly with the onions and the dill, so that was quite difficult to continue the process. What we cut was too small and looked ugly. It is better to do it the old fashioned way, with a knife common: faster and with less problems.

Our verdict: does not work.

5. Skewer to cut onion

This tool is not bad, but the problem is that you can cut onions quietly without him. We do not find anything supernatural in this device, we managed to cut the objects with the same ease both with the skewer as without it.

Our verdict: it works, but you can do without it.

4. Finger guard

The concept of this tool is very interesting, but all our hopes were dashed. The contraption just broke in our hands in the process of cutting a cucumber (by the way, is not a vegetable very hard). And most importantly, while we have lost the sensitivity in the fingers, so that the unfortunate food is cut into large pieces.

Our verdict: does not work.

3. Opener universal

This contraption really works. The can opener is adapted quickly and easily to all kinds of caps: aluminium, break-out, they are all at your fingertips. So, now there is no need to ask for help to anyone at the time to want to drink something.

Our verdict: it works.

2. Soap metal against the unpleasant odor

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not reveal the exact composition of this soap miraculous metal, but the fact is that it works. It is enough to wash the hands under running water for approximately 30 seconds to remove the unpleasant odor of the same.

Our verdict: it works.

1. Device for cutting fruit and vegetables in figures

This utensil is ideal for cutting fruits and vegetables soft. The carrot turned out to be too hard and managed to get not a slice in the shape of a heart. You will then use to make fruit kabobs, or for decorating plates, as the process is very fast and the result looks elegant.

Our verdict: it works.

Do you have experience using products from infomercials? Share your stories with us in the comments.

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