We tested the Google Home on Spanish and so we was

As we told you few days ago, Google Home already speaks and understands Spanish, but as we could not stay with the doubt, we brought one of these speakers smart the drafting of unocero to put it to the test.

Why is fashion to put in ‘Black and White’ the display of the smartphones and how to do it?

We started with questions and requests simple to that Google Home has responded well in general, but when we move on to requests for more specific directions on particular features or functions of the cinema or theatre, the pod, he apologized and told us that he would continue to “learning”.

Also told us some of his repertoire of jokes, but we can adelantarles that the humor is not of the of Google Home. Maybe the only funny thing is that it pokes fun of itself with sound effects when you do any of your bromillas.

Obviously being a new feature and as the pod is not yet for sale in our country, Google Home requires a grace period to gather more specific information about our beautiful country and its surroundings.

But it is better that you discover with our tests with speakers smart Google with their choices of Spanish Mexico, united States and Spain, whose only difference is basically the accent.

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