We tested the 12 tips for most popular mobile on the Internet

In Great.guru decided to test the 12 tricks most popular for your electronic devices that only require what you have on hand.

Note: The tricks are classified according to their utility, with the most fantastic at the end. So continue reading!

#12. Use a stack instead of a stylus

Result: A battery is an excellent replacement for a stylus, always and when you touch the screen with the pole “-” of the battery.

#11. Mobile holder made of a clip

Result: The smartphone is well supported in a straightened paper clip. You can now watch videos without the fear that your mobile phone will fall.

#10. Roll up aluminum foil on the index finger of your glove

Result: The trick works, so that you can save on gloves sensory for smartphones. And if you’re cold, you don’t have to remove your gloves to answer a call or write a text message.

#9. Clean a USB port from dirt and dust by using a syringe

Result: Unfortunately, we didn’t see any difference before and after cleaning the USB port. Our conclusion is that a syringe will not help to make your smartphone more clean.

#8. Make a case for your smartphone of a balloon

First blow up a balloon (to about half of its volume), then simply press your phone down so that it is put in the balloon: the balloon will stick to your smartphone just like a glove.

Result: It Works. So if you don’t have a case on hand but don’t want to dirty up a lot of your device, use this trick.

#7. Get rid of the scrapes on the screen using toothpaste

Result: Spread the toothpaste on the screen of our mobile phone has not helped to remove the scratches, but, on the contrary, became more visible. The trick so popular on the Internet was totally useless.

#6. Make a “tripod” of duct tape and rubber bands

Take a roll of masking tape, wide, gets inside your mobile phone and fix it using a few rubber bands, then sets the building to the site from which you want to take a photo.

Reresult: it Works. This “tripod” is easy to do, to take a photo with someone.

#5. Place a bottle of water on the screen of the smartphone to make a night lamp

Result: It Works. It is unlikely that you can read with this “lamp”, but yes you will be used to illuminate the room and not get shot while you get up to go to the bathroom.

#4. Use a condom as a sheath for pictures under water

Result: The condom does not let water and protects your device, however, the screen of the mobile stops working. Overall, we did not manage to take any photo “underwater”.

#3. Take a photo using the button on the headset

Connects your hearing aids on your smarthphone, open the camera and press the button on the headset: works as the button to shoot.

Result: It Works.

#2. Convert your smartphone into a magnifying glass using a drop of water

Carefully place a drop of water in the camera of your mobile, wait a minute and look through the camera of a page in a book with small print.

Result: Works, but the drop of water trembles a lot and it can fall down at any minute. Unfortunately, reading is not the task more comfortable.

#1. Save a phone-wet

For a start, you must dry your phone with a paper towel, remove the battery and remove the SIM card. Then suck up all the water that was inside with a vacuum cleaner. You need to vacuum each part for 20 minutes. At the end, place your smartphone in a bag with rice overnight to absorb the traces of moisture.

Result: We were able to save the device, but the colors became noticeably fainter and the screen began to flicker. The trick only works in part, and not returned to its original state to the mobile. Maybe in this case it is better to go to the center of attention technique right away where your phone can provide a professional help.

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