Quadcopter Water Tank Delivery System

quad copter hack to beer deliveries


After many attempts doing a beer competition being raised by a quadcopter they went for a bigger adventure, now they made this quadcopter to lift a huge water tank from the floor. This is amazing how much power can be generated from such as small batteries. This water tanks having a weight of 23.2kg  Can u imagine that? and how many other things you might transport using this method. The actual device is a modified Pringles can with two servo motors on the bottom with arms that hold the watertank in it’s place. The energy source are 8400mah That is lets say about 4 times the power that your phones batter has. Also you can buy this kits and other stuff at hobbykings website.

Check this video below to watch the show and I hope you enjoy this amazing science and also we hope to give inspiration for such new creations.  If you have any other tips or videos like this to share please do so in the comment section here below.



Lets hope this can be made to lift 70-100KG to be able to lift humans from this weight and to implement this nice method for rescue operations. !

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