What they eat in the cinemas of different countries in addition to popcorn (Must be why in the halls of the cinema of Korea smells so unlikely)

We are accustomed to a standard set of snacks at the movies: popcorn, nachos and Coca-Cola. Although popcorn are very popular in cinemas around the world, each country has its own traditional drink that you can buy before seeing the movie. And, sometimes, turn out to be quite extraordinary.

Great.guru compiled the variants most extraordinary food you can find in movie theaters around the world.

1. South korea: cuttlefish dry

The counters with food in the cinemas of South Korea are full of things that may seem unusual to tourists. For example, the cuttlefish dried to chew on instead of popcorn.

2. Thailand: popcorn with taste of soup “Tom Yum”

The soup “Tom Yum” is so popular and loved in Thailand that the owners and entrepreneurs of the cinemas produced popcorn with the flavor of this dish spicy.

3. India: sandwich with chutney

In India, the appetizer more popular in the cinema is the sandwich with cheese sauce and chutney. The making of toasted bread without crust and cut into triangles.

4. United states: potatoes with blue cheese sauce

Of course, in the USA, the popcorn are very popular. The make different flavors. However, other than popcorn, can be found on all sides potatoes with blue cheese sauce.

5. Latvia: kvass

The Coca-Cola customary for all in Latvia was replaced by the kvass. The traditional drink you can find in any cinema, and many latvians prefer it instead of soda.

6. Norway: venison dry

The slices of venison dry can seem as an appetizer as rare in the cinema. However, the product non-fat with a high protein content is perfect for the inhabitants of Norway.

7. Spain: sunflower seeds

It is a variant unexpected in the form of snack during a stay in the cinema. In the cinema you can buy a package of sunflower seeds and then eating them with much pleasure. You are not lucky people that after they clean the room.

8. Russia: caviar black

For a very corny as that sounds this, in Moscow really there are theaters where in the VIP rooms propose caviar black. Serve with champagne or wine.

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