What to eat to make your smell like women

You already know that your diet determines most of what happens with your body. If your diet is bad, no matter if you do sports or not. By much exercise you do, you will not be able to compensate for the damage that causes the overdose of sugar, fat and salt in junk food. But if your health and your physical appearance are not sufficient grounds, the bad news still: if you do not manage your diet you are going to smell worse, or at least your smell will be less attractive.

In a recent experiment from the university of MacQuarie in Australia was made that several men put on a t-shirt and removed after exercise. We also studied what was the diet of each of the participants. The t-shirts sweaty were presented to a group of women, who had to evaluate the attractiveness of the bearer based on just the smell.

The men who ate more fruits, vegetables turned out to be the smell more attractive, along with those who ate more meat, which according to the voluntary had a smell more nice and smooth. However, those who had a diet high in refined carbohydrates were the ones who failed the test of the odor. Another reason to control your carbohydrates.

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