What is Mastodon, the social network that have landed Twitter users

On the last day, a large number of internet users have been registered in Mastodon, a social network decentralized emerged as an alternative to Twitter in which its own creator and administrator has already experienced problems by jokes made by Spanish users.

Mastodon was born in 2016, the hand of Eugen Rochko. It is a platform of ‘microblogging’ of open source that allows publications of 500 characters known as ‘toots’, ‘blackheads’ in Spanish, that is to say, the sound that makes the behemoth, this in your logo. Show your ‘timeline’ in chronological order, and the public, although you can set privacy.

One of the main aspects that distinguish Mastodon of Twitter is its decentralized nature. The social network works across different servers, and are the stewards of every one of them who is in charge of the moderation of the posts.

In this way, the accounts of the users operate in a similar way to the e-mail, using a ‘nick’ of user that is added to an extension depending on the server. There are servers with different rules-oriented topics such as video games.

The company recommends to its users who register on a server in accordance with the thematic preference of publications. However, it is possible to also interact in conversations with users belonging to other servers

Among the other differences are the lack of advertising, as it stands the platform on your registration page. Mastodon is a free service that is funded through donations from individuals and businesses, to those shown on your sponsor page.

Landing of Twitter users

This Monday, the own Rochko published a message on his account of Mastodon welcoming a high number of users who had registered to be in Mastodon. The platform itself has been the Monday ‘trending topic’ on Twitter for a few hours, where several tweeters have shared your contact in the new social network.

The landing of Spanish users has brought with it the publication of jokes. One of them, the user PDeclan, has been published as a response to Rochko a ‘meme’ that ironizes about the Spanish colonization of America and compares it with the arrival of the spaniards to Mastodon.

As a response, Rochko has stated that it is “not a fan of the jokes about the Spanish colonization”, and has distanced itself from the general tone of the comments. “There are native americans in Mastodon and these jokes are very intoxicating,” he assured in another ‘toot’.

Mastodon has begun to restrict registrations of new accounts on your server main mastodon.social due to the “high demand”, as reported by the company on its website, although it allows for registration through other servers with conditions of use similar.

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