What was the life of these 10 beloved actresses of the decade of 2000? It is strange how Buffy the vampire slayer, changed his profession

In 2017, the public had almost double the chance of seeing male characters than female acting, and the total number of films with women protagonists declined significantly. However, if we take a look at the past, you will find many great examples of girls who actually managed to conquer our hearts with their charm and beauty.

Great.guru discovered what your favorite actresses of the decade of 2000 are currently doing.

10. Kate Hudson, Almost famous

Most of the films of Kate, after the delivery of “Almost famous” have been romantic comedies or some variations of that genre. Among his recent works are “War brides,” “A killer inside me”, and “omething borrowed”. Hudson also appeared in secondary roles in recent films such as “Mother’s Day” and “black Tide”.

In addition to her career as an actress, Kate founded her own production company called “Hail Mary Productions”. Hudson also promotes a healthy lifestyle, launched a brand of sportswear called Fabletics in 2013, and also published a book with the title Very happy: healthy ways to love your body” in 2016.

9. Lindsay Lohan, “set of twins”

After the movie “set of twins”, one of the young bright stars of the decade of 2000, participated in tape very successful as “Herbie: To all march” and “The rules of Georgia”. But later, Lindsay was involved in several scandals serious that almost ruined his career completely, by what has happened the last few years without any project and traveling in an attempt to reinvent itself.

Lohan was installed in Dubai, where he found the inner peace and began to work on their own projects. Now you are creating a beauty brand and a clothing line. He also runs a night club in Athens, Greece.

However, Lohan has not given you the completely back to the action. After a brief interlude, she was part of the second season of “Sick Note”, a comedy of manners british starring Rupert Grint. In addition, it appears in “Frame”, a movie entirely women of Saudi Arabia.

8. Jennifer Aniston, “Friends”

Since leaving the comedy popular, Jennifer has been working regularly in films of great success. He has participated in a multitude of deliveries box-office hits as “We the Millers”, and “I Want to kill my boss”. It has been acclaimed for his roles in some of the films of art as “The nice girl” and “Cake”. In 2017, appeared in the war film from Alexandre Moors, “The birds” yellow”, and now will star in a forthcoming tape of musical comedy in the us called “Dumplin’ ”.

In terms of the personal life of Jennifer, the beginning of 2018 was not easy for ell, because that was separated from her husband, Justin Theroux, after 3 years of marriage.

7. Anne Hathaway, “The princess diaries”

Being one of the stars of the film most hated in the united States, Hathaway won a statuette of the Oscar for her role as Fantine in the film “les Miserables”, in 2013. Since then, it has not been registered for starring in films of prestige. The only exception was his leading role in the film Christopher Nolan 2014, “Interstellar”. In 2018, Anne will star in the film adaptation of the novel of Joan Didion, “The last thing that he wanted.”

After giving birth to her first child in the year 2016, the actress became the ambassador of goodwill of the UN and began to advocate for paid parental leave. In addition to that, Anne raised the issue of gender inequality in the workplace which, according to her, also extends to Hollywood.

6. Renée Zellweger, “The diary of Bridget Jones”

In 2010, Renée took a break volunteer from Hollywood to focus on his personal life. He came back in 2016 for the film “The baby of Bridget Jones”, returning to give life to the character that made her a star known. Since then, Zellweger has filmed 5 movies, “The lawyer of the poor”, a ribbon of suspense where he performed with Keanu Reeves, and is now working on a pre-production called “Berlin, I love you”.

During his pause of shooting, Zellweger came in the mouth of all the world when, in 2014, was presented to the awards, Elle Women in Hollywood, with a face entirely new. She was instantly critical and suspicions about interventions surgical, but one of the actresses most recognized in the world stated that their new image was the result of a more healthy life and peaceful.

5. Melissa Joan Hart, “Sabrina, the teenage witch”

During his career, back to Sabrina, Hart also starred in a comedy called “Melissa & Joey”, which lasted 4 seasons and was canceled in 2015. Not long ago, joined to star in the reboot of Clarissa explains it all”, and also we will see in the movie “A Very Nutty Christmas (A very crazy Christmas)”, in 2018.

In addition to pursuing her career as an actress, Hart directed a new version of “Eyes on the forest”, and launched a book called “Melissa explains it all: tales of my life is abnormally normal”, in which he speaks of some experiences wild that lived in her adolescence.

In 2015, she launched a fashion line called King of Harts, which is focused mainly on children. And the past year was associated with Jif Peanut Butter for the contest Imagine If (Imagine if…), which is focused on helping small to actually make your ideas.

4. Shannen Doherty, “Beverly Hills, 90210”

The last few years have been quite difficult for Shannen, because of that, in 2015, was diagnosed with breast cancer, which caused her to leave the scenarios of Hollywood and focus on her treatment. Despite its gruelling struggle with the disease, Doherty remained strong and continued to believe in their own recovery. Not long ago, she declared that she had healed and that he was going to undergo a reconstruction surgery.

3. Hilary Duff, “Lizzie McGuire”

In recent years, Duff has been concerned about song writing and raising her son, Luca. However, it still does a lot with her career as an actress, and now we can see her in the series “Younger”. In addition, he acted in a mysterious film about the wife is murdered Roman Polanski, whose title is “The murder of Sharon Tate”.

During this time, he was also a co-author of the series “Elixir”, with Elise Allen, and has dabbled in the world of fashion by creating and designed his own clothing line called Femme for jeans DKNY.

2. Alyssa Milano, Of “Sorceresses”

One of our witches favorite is still working in her career as an actress. In 2017, he played the role of Renata Murphy in the series of Netflix, “Wet Hot American Summer: ten years after”.

Since 2013, Alyssa has also worked as a presenter of reality shows, which are focused on fashion design, such as “Project Runway All Stars”. That same year, Alyssa is bent by an item completely new and different, and began to launch a series of comic books of suspense cyber so-called “Hacktivist” (Activist hackers of computers).

Among the recent activities off-stage, Milano has taken part in several actions of humanitarian affairs, is an open advocate of vegetarianism and an activist of PETA, in addition to being one of the leaders of the movement, me too (me too), started in Hollywood. It is a representative of the UNICEF is encouraging the acceptance of breastfeeding in public.

1. Sarah Michelle Gellar, “Buffy the vampire slayer”

From the end of “Buffy, the vampire slayer”, Sarah has not been able to find a role for her that eclipse completely that she became a star.

In 2013-2014, Sarah remained in the center of the attention by presenting the tv show “The Crazy Ones”, with Robin Williams. He also gave his voice to the character of the Seventh Sister for the animated series “Star Wars Rebels, season 2”. At the beginning of 2016, Gellar filmed a presentation pilot for a possible television series based on the film “Sexual Games”, but it was officially cancelled shortly after.

In addition to acting, Sarah actively promotes lifestyle culinary in Instagram. In 2014, he was co-founder of Foodstirs, a line of cooking that aims to help parents connect with their children in the kitchen. In 2017, Gellar even released an own book, “Stirring up Fun with Food” (Stirring up with fun and food), which presents a number of ideas to prepare dishes.

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