What to do with old smartphone you’re not using?

It is no secret that each year or each month, come to light the new smartphone a brand is manufactured, an example of this is the recent Keynote from Apple, where they released three iPhone more.

This meant that thousands of people around the world would like to obtain them, despite their high costs, so that they would be willing to let go of the phones that have at this time, what gives to understand that they would be at risk of being thrown in the trash, despite still having a good life.

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To prevent this from happening and that contaminate the environment, there are several options that can be done with them and can make them happy for one or several persons with their functions or components.

The so-called second life of the smartphones can begin as soon as a user decides that a change of model, so that, before doing so, you can think of the following options, which will one way or another in your life.

Sell it

The option of offering it, it will always be number one because in this way, you will be able to recover some of the money that he later invested in the new cell or on some other device; for this reason, while best conditions displayed, it will be much easier to sell.

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Give it away

If you do not need the money, or if you have a kind soul, you can donate or give away to someone who creates what you need, whether because yours broke or because it was attacked; whatever the reason, the someone will have and will be useful to you, you will feel much better.

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If you do not want to take any of the above options, because you want to retain, you may be put to use as a GPS, therefore, will be only in the vehicle is not carrying with him all the time and that there is the risk that can get lost.

The instructions and advice to get somewhere, will always be necessary, so this is a good idea if you were traveling constantly to the unknown sites.

Surveillance camera

Home security is a priority for the people, so that they are always in the search of new tools that can help them to monitor you when you are not present, but if you have a smartphone in good condition, you can download an app and use it as a surveillance camera.

One of the advantages that this has, is that you do not have to buy more accessories, because everything comes included in it.

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Baby Monitor

If what you want is to keep abreast of what happens with a person, instead of a home, it can perform; this option will work on everything, for those parents or mothers who have infants in the home, and want to take care of them even when they are asleep.

An application installed, will help ensure the dreams of the little ones and to know if something is happening, because they can also see through the phone camera.

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Video game console

If there are no children at home that need to be take care of, can be made of the old phone, a new games console that will entertain you for several hours, since you can implement a few titles and an emulator so that the experience is completely similar to the one you have with a PlayStation or Nintendo 64.

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Music player

People are addicted to thousands of things, but one of the that does less damage, is to be listening to music constantly, but unfortunately not everyone can do so all the time they wish, because they don’t have an iPod or MP3 player, however, that may change with the old phone.

This may be possible if you deleted all the items that are not needed, and leaves only that which will serve to hear how much music you want, with all that space, the songs will expand in greater numbers.

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The main reason because the radio is not dead today, is because many people are still listening to him, but if you want to start to dabble in this practice and it is not a radio, the phone will work perfectly, since there are different apps that help everything be heard much better.

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Wake up

Many will be able to use their parents or partners as alarm clocks, but it is much better if you have a device that is dedicated solely to this; according to this, it is how you can make use of the alarms on your smartphone to that the delays are never part of the daily routine.

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Reader e books

It is very common when traveling in public transport, we see people reading multiple texts on the screens of their phones, so why not have a device that will work only for that and not be as clunky as an iPad?, the solution is available, as well as the apps that help to read books in a digital way.

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