What did celebrities when they were the age of her famous children

We often hear the following phrase from our parents: “When I was your age…” But does this phrase tell it to the celebrities to their children? Since the age of 16, many of the children of the stars begin to parade in Chanel or have their own business, while their famous parents at this age, reaped corn, or slept on the floor of a gym for not having a home of their own.

Great.guru proposes you to find out what did the stars at the same age who now have their children and how is strong is the difference between the generations. At the end awaits a beautiful bonus.

1. Lily-Rose Depp — Johnny Depp

Lily-Rose Depp is the daughter of Johnny Depp. At 18 years old, is already a celebrity. Lily was able to film several movies, and be the image of the fashion house Chanel. What was Johnny at his age?

At 18, he was kicked out of school, did drugs, I dreamed of the career of a rock musician and nobody knew. Her film career began when Johnny was 20 years old after an encounter with Nicolas Cage, and fame came to him at the age of 24, after filming on the series 21 Jump Street.

2. Kaia Jordan Gerber — Cindy Crawford

Kaia Jordan Gerber (16 years old) is the daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford. It seems that practically everybody knows the beautiful Kaia. At the age of 12, she signed a contract with IMG Models and appeared on the pages of Vogue. Today, she collaborates with the fashion houses Chanel, Versace, Moschino, and is one of the models most in demand.

What what did Cindy at the age of 16? Let’s be honest, picking corn. However, especially at this time, the noticed a photographer of newspaper. The positive reaction to the photo convinced the girl engage in the business of modeling.

3. Patrick Schwarzenegger — Arnold Schwarzenegger

Patrick Schwarzenegger (24 years) son of the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger. At the age of 15, was organized with the help of their parent company to produce men’s clothing. And at the age of 17 became the image of the brand Hudson Jeans. Now, the young actively filming in movies, in 2018, will premiere the movie called Midnight Sun.

The father of Patrick, at his age, began to film and gain popularity. He managed to win in contests of bodybuilding, but still had a lot of debt, sleeping on the gym floor and worked in the united States so illegal. The success came to the actor at the age of 35 years after the release of the film Conan the Barbarian.

4. Brooklyn Beckham — David Beckham

Brooklyn Beckham is 19 years old and it is not necessary to mention who it is son. The young man is engaged in serious photography; for example, in 2016, he photographed the advertising campaign for the brand Burberry. In addition, as the media say, Brooklyn has serious plans of getting married with Chloë Grace Moretz.

What did David at the age of 19? At the age of 17 he signed a contract with the soccer team Manchester United , and surely headed towards fame. However, he became a real star, 25 years old, increasing their popularity with each goal made.

5. Jaden Smith — Will Smith

Jaden Smith (19 years), son of Will Smith. The young shoots actively involved in the film along with his father and also writes rap. Not in vain, as the career of his father, began precisely by the rap: his hip hop band, was made by the holder of a Grammy award for the best execution. At the age of 22, he first acted in a movie and became the idol of teenagers.

6. Maya Thurman Hawke — Uma Thurman

Maya (19 years old) is the daughter of the famous Uma Thurman. His career is just beginning: the girl also likes the same scope of work for your mother. She received several roles in the film, one of which is of a saleswoman boring in the third season of Stranger Things. But the world already could have known, since last year, Sofia Coppola looked to Maya for the role of the little Mermaid. However, the producers gave him this role to Chloë Moretz, which was the cause of the withdrawal of Coppola’s project.

On Maya we hear it a lot, but to Uma Thurman, at the age of 19, nobody knew her: she was working in New York as a dishwasher and was working as a model. The fame came to him only after a year, and filming in violent Times began when she turned 24 years old.

7. Georgia May Jagger — Mick Jagger

Georgia May Jagger (26 years old) is the daughter of the famous Mick Jagger. She is a successful model in british fashion. Georgia has participated in fashion shows of Chanel, H&M, Miu Miu and Versace. In addition, in 2012 she represented british fashion at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games.

At 26 years old, Mick was at the peak of popularity. In youth, he left the school, as the group The Rolling Stones became more and more famous.

8. Iris Law— Jude Law

Iris Law is the daughter of the handsome Jude Law. In its 17 years, is quite popular. At 15, he made his debut as a model. His photographs come out in a lookbook of Miu Miu in support of a new collection of cruise ships. In January and march 2017, Iris was the image of the advertising campaign of Burberry.

Jude Law, from the age of 6 years, began to take an interest in the theatre and the cinema, and at 14 he started out in television programs. When I was 17, he was touring in Italy in the theater, but I was still far away from getting major roles. Although his success was ordained, the recognition came at the age of 27 years, after the premiere of the movie The Talented Mr. Ripley.

9. Liv Freundlich — Julianne Moore

Liv has only 15 years, however, all predict a modeling career. She is already taller than his mother and managed to start his career for his participation in a special parade of the brand J. Crew.

What did Julianne at the age of 15? She quietly studied in a school in Germany, after this, he entered the art school of the University of Boston. When she was 25 years old, worked as a waitress in New York and appeared in soap operas. The great momentum in his career happened at the age of 27 years, after the premiere of the Steven Spielberg film The lost world: Jurassic Park.

10. Lourdes Leon — Madonna

Lourdes (21 years old) is the daughter of the scandalous Madonna. For the most part leads a normal social life: a photograph in a lookbook for the clothing of hooligans and changes boyfriends (one of them is Timothée Chalamet, that it is becoming more famous).

Madonna did not have a youth so quiet. At the age of 19, she worked at Burger King, where the despedieron by burning the oven and pour jelly all over a customer rude. Later, the future singer worked as a girl in the cloakroom at the restaurant Russian Tea Room where she was fired for dressing inappropriately. It was only at the age of 23 years that the career of Madonna as a singer began to move forward after knowing the owner of a studio, Camille Barbone.

11. Sistine Rose Stallone and Sophia Rose Stallone — Sylvester Stallone

Sistine (19 years old) and Sophia (21 years old) are the daughters of the famous Sylvester Stallone. The girls are the pride of his father, who likes to upload photos to your Instagram. Sophia studies at the University of Southern California and lives in a residence with other students. Sistine is interested in a future in modeling. Now you can find in the magazines Vogue, Teen Vogue, Schon! Magazine, among others. In 2018, the girl is photographed for the calendar of Love Magazine.

What did the severe Sylvester Stallone at the age of 19? When he was 15 years old, studying in a school for young people who are troubled, then moved to Switzerland where she worked as a theatre actor. Until his lead role in the film Rocky, which she performed at the age of 30 years, the actor could appear only in films in which her role consisted of interpreting the guest at a wedding or a hooligan in the metro.

12. Ava Elizabeth Phillippe — Reese Witherspoon

Ava Elizabeth (18 years old) is the daughter of Reese Witherspoon, and she aspires to fame. Recently, the girl tiño her hair in green and then in pink. Ava wants to find her own way and get around independently. She even drives an old Volkswagen Jetta, because she likes the simplicity. In addition, the girl is studying in an art school.

At the time, Reese left Stanford to pursue her acting career. The success came at the age of 25 years, when she starred in the movie Legally blonde.

Bonus: the 6 year old daughter of Beyoncé spent 10 billion USD by itself

The daughter of Beyonce 6 years of age, Blue Ivy Carter, still has not won a penny, but knows perfectly how to spend the money. The girl was present at an auction of Wearable Art Gala, which was organized by her grandmother and announced prices really high.

The girl lifted the arm in a sign of a bid for one of the works, and at first his parents thought it was a joke; however, after allowed to participate in the auction: the girl acquired a masterpiece by 10 thousand dollars.

However, their parents are trifles, because, according to the calculations of Forbes, the couple has in their account 1.16 billion dollars.

What do you think, parents and their children celebrities share a gap due to a childhood completely different? Do you or, to the contrary, their children are their examples to follow?

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