What is behind the beautiful images on Instagram and why they should not be trusted unconditionally?

All those who have an account on Instagram have seen pictures of beauties who travel all over the world, consume products extremely exotic, wear more modern and quote Nietzsche and Kant in their publications from a tropical island. In those moments, the sadness, the resentment and even envy sometimes overwhelm you because you would like to lead a life of luxury. However, what if all this beauty is only an illusion, and the abyss between the real life and the dazzling images is much larger than what it seems?

In Great.guru decided to go find out what lies behind the colorful images on Instagram. It turned out that the life of these people is something different to the endless fireworks of emotions and adventures.

How filters work

Every day, thousands of users of Instagram post their photos, trying to give the best image. Thanks to the perfect angle and hundreds of different filters, their life seems to be incredibly fascinating and interesting.

Chompoo Baritone, a photographer from Bangkok, noticed this effort to show itself better than it really is, and created a series of funny pictures, ironic, but incredibly truthful. With your help, the girl showed what is hiding behind the beautiful photos that fill our account, and collect hundreds and thousands of “likes.”

Users actively “filter out” the reality and cut down diligently everything “unnecessary” to get the photo more beautiful.

Well, we have to admit that the ingenious attempt to spend a joke to the author of the photos produced was quite successful. Isn’t it what we do ourselves?

High price for popularity in Instagram

There can be No appearance in public with spectacular images. It is understandable if for a photo with the flat abdomen you are willing to die of hunger, or refuse to dine at a restaurant to raise money for a dress brand and presumirlo on Instagram.

But sometimes it is not enough for the people. Will take pictures driving a car at incredible speeds, with wild animals, or from the top of the skyscraper. Some years ago, the Russian authorities even launched the campaign “A selfie awesome it can cost you your life”, because too many young people injured by taking the “single photo”.

These images really look amazing and make you hold your breath, but don’t forget how dangerous it is.

In search of a shot beautiful, the people are really ready to risk their health and even their lives. Very instructive in this regard is the history of the California model, Katarina Zarutsky. The girl decided to surprise their subscribers with original photos, swimming among the sharks.

However, at some point, one of the sharks attacked suddenly to the girl, grabbed her wrist and pulled down. Fortunately, Katarina did not enter in panic, and achievement, releasing his hand from the shark’s mouth, he walked away and pulled out his hand from the water, so as not to attract other predators with his blood. The urge to impress the world with your photos are turned into long-term treatments.

The girl created a fake photo, but she herself denied

Previously we published an article about a girl who was full of debts to live a beautiful life and publish stunning images in the social networks.

The famous blogger Carolyn Stritch decided to go beyond and show that Instagram, in the majority of cases, it is a hoax. It occurred to him a beautiful story about his trip to Disneyland to celebrate her birthday in the castle.

The photo, where Carolyn is located right at the entrance of the fairy-tale castle, gathered thousands of “likes” and glowing reviews. But, a couple of days later, the girl confessed that it was a joke.

Carolyn explains her act by saying that he wanted to open people’s eyes to the difference between what people set out in the social networks and what is really happening in their lives. But the truth is that most days are spent the same way: in pajamas, with tousled hair, hunched over our laptops.

“We all want to see glossy pieces of the lives of other people, and we want to show all the best that we have,” says Carolyn, and remember that the reality is completely different, so it is important to be honest with ourselves.

Bonus: the largest bridge in the world — expectation and harsh reality

In 2016, in the city of china Zhangjiajie opened the glass bridge the world’s longest. It is located in a national park at an altitude of 300 meters. The construction became so popular among local residents and tourists that even was closed for a time.

But things do not always look as in the photo. The journalist of Business Insider, Harrison Jacobs, had to make sure of this personally, visiting this famous bridge. According to him, behind the beautiful images hides a nightmare for the tourists.

From afar, the bridge really seems like a miracle of architecture, but before the bridge there is always a large queue of those wishing to enter. All push and advocate for the right to be among the 800 lucky ones who will be allowed access to the structure of glass.

Hundreds of people occupy all the space on the bridge taking pictures absolutely identical, as if they were in zero gravity. It is almost impossible to look through the glass to the ground, because everywhere there is someone sitting or posing.

Tourists receive covers shoes, so as not to scratch the glass floor with his shoe. Despite this, many panels are already so scratched that it is difficult to see something through them.

Jacobs came to the conclusion that there is a great difference between the beautiful photos of the social networks and the reality for an average tourist.

Each one of us want to embellish a little reality, but we should remember that social networks were created primarily for communication, and not to turn them on the field of battle of photos.

Do you have an account on Instagram? How many photos do you upload without using a single filter? Have you ever moved a risk to get a spectacular image?

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