What an irony! The streaming is rescuing the music industry

I have to say: the music industry has gone through many difficult years, and have been more from that began to literally fade the huge profits that it had before I got the mp3 and the Internet. But at that time it was thought that you could reverse the problem suing anyone who copied music files and in doing so see that the record companies were not going to be left. However, the digital movement put out of action any initiative to try to regulate this new market and the piracy of music became almost daily.

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It is fair to say that the music industry has always exaggerated his problems, achacándolos to the people without the slightest feeling in your heart, copy and piece the whole piece of music comes to them. And it is true that there is a large volume of copy, but it is also true that it promotes the music and its performers are more well-known. In addition, it is clear that the business model was unsustainable in the Internet world and it required a change that -obviously – no one wanted to give because there were many years of huge profits and utilities.

But fate overtook them, and, before the bad idea of wanting to stop the pirates by legal means, began to implement models of rental and sale of music in the form of “streaming”. Thus, for example, the obsolete and now-defunct Microsoft Zune, at some time made a business model in which clients (users), they could listen to all the music they want while paying a monthly fee. When we stopped to pay, it was not possible to continue listening to our tracks favorite.

And if we talk about this is because it has come the news that the global profit of the recorded music has come to grow to about us $ 1.4 billion in the recent year 2017, due to the adoption -increasing – streaming services among consumers, all this according to The Music Industry Blog.

The utilities of the recorded music amounted to 17.4 billion dollars, putting down the record high of 2008, which was 17.7 billion dollars in profit. This, to put it another way, it implies that finally the trend has reversed. The streaming has been the agent of change that has allowed the growth of 43% in all utilities. In fact, in 2017, the earnings stream were 39%, for a total of 7.4 billion dollars.

Well then, this should be taken as an important lesson for perhaps other industries, such as the books that it seems, is following the same path of digital music. It is clear that the old business models are starting to be obsolete before the onslaught of new technologies that undoubtedly have changed everything.

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