What will happen if you do not get up from bed for 70 days?

Just imagine, you stay the whole day in bed, give you rich food, have high-speed internet and get paid 18 000 USD for it, how cool is that? Well, actually, no, it is not. NASA conducted this experiment in which people had to stay in bed for 70 days. Well, still not the worst, compared with the experiment that was done in the Soviet Union 30 years ago. And the results were not very pleasant to say the least.

Great.guru you will see in this article what will happen to a human being if he stays in the bed all day and the reason behind this type of experiments.

In 2014, NASA really made an announcement

They were looking for volunteers who would like to spend in bed from 40 to 70 days to receive 18 billion USD each. Several days later, they had 55 people.

They asked the participants to acostaran in the beds and spend all the time lying, even to wash or eat, or even do their needs. The legs of these people were at an angle of 6°, this position mimics the lack of gravity.

In this way, the scientists wanted to study the influence of microgravity on the human body, as well as to develop exercises and procedures that would help astronauts to overcome more quickly the consequences of weightlessness.

Already after a few days, many participants realized that it was much more difficult to be constantly lying down than you had thought. In addition, they produced headaches, neck and back, began to suffer from insomnia and panic attacks.

Once you have finished the experiment, many people had problems to walk and hold her head up by themselves. Thus, participants had to do a rehabilitation course for a month.

One of the volunteers, Andrew Ivanitsky said: “it’s Been 44 days since I took beer and coffee for the last time, as well as eating a burrito, stroll and sunbathe. I have not seen my girlfriend for 66 days. I can’t decide how I feel: if I was lucky or if I’m an idiot for doing all this for money.”

However, 40 days in bed is nothing compared with the experiment performed by the scientists of the Institute of Medical Problems and Biological processes of the Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union. In 1986, they laid themselves down to 11 people for 370 days. That is, participants will not be stopped of the beds for a little over a year. It has been the longest period of time that a human being remained lying down. And the payment received by the volunteers was a regular salary equal to what they charged the scientists.

But there was another case

It is said that the same experiment was carried out in the EIGHTEENTH century. Akinfy Demidov, a famous rich man, invited the volunteers to stay in his bed in his palace for a year. He assured them of a full pension, and servants to attend to their needs. The only thing that is different is that the participants were not allowed to move at all. If the person does not stand, then punished publicly. At the beginning, many were in agreement, but no one came to finish the test.

The consequences that you face if you stay in bed for 40 days

  • Due to prolonged pressure on the skin, they appear sores. The pressure does not allow the nutrients to reach the cells, resulting in the death of the same. The sores appear around the tailbone, hip joints and the clavicle.

  • The muscles lose mass and atrophy. The bones lose about 30-60% of their mass on average, and this leads to osteoporosis. You will have a strong tiredness and paralysis.

  • Every 2 days, the low pulse of 1 beat per minute up to stop, if not supported artificially.

  • The volume of blood will decrease. As a result, the cells will suffer from lack of oxygen and get tired much faster.

  • In addition, they may appear to other problems such as: anxiety, kidney stones, respiratory problems, etc

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