What would happen if Mark Zuckerberg left his position at Facebook?

The news about how the shareholders of Facebook want out to its founder Mark Zuckerberg of the operation, has begun to cause a great impact in the society that has been left with a big question: what would happen to the platform if you leave your positions?

This question has arisen because you want that Zuckerberg let his two charges: the chair of the Board of Directors of Facebook and the director-general, or, that are separate from one another.

The reason why this decision seems so sudden, is due to that the discomfort and anger accumulated that shareholders have, since they consider that Mark has not been sufficiently responsible in terms of the management of the platform.

This has been said by the different problems that are involved with Facebook, as the manipulation of information, fake news, and leakage of personal data, without a doubt, deal with situations that can not be forgotten.

What would it mean that Mark Zuckerberg were to leave the helm of Facebook?

In the event that the shareholders and part of the corporate board to achieve out to Mark, the fate of the company could be very different to what it is known today, as there would be a greater control.

In the social network…

The changes would be immediately in the closure of many accounts that are only engaged in illegal activities on Facebook, in addition to the profiles that publish racist remarks and promoting the hatred.

Also, they would low the accounts of minors of age that managed to exceed the terms and conditions of the platform, and who are exposed to inappropriate content for their age.

The control would also be in the images, videos, and information that is being posted on a daily basis and who come to offend thousands of people, therefore, the news portals would be a procedure more rigorous to upload content.

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In business decisions…

With regard to the other decisions, it would look like in the case of Steve Jobs and Apple, where after a series of irreconcilable differences, this came out of his company and ceased to have control over the majority of the situations that were unfolding there.

Then it would still be the CEO of Facebook, but their opinions would not be taken into account or carried out blindly, since now all of this would be in the hands of the president, independent shareholders would choose.

The actions may also be affected (even more) because of the uncertainty and fear of the other shareholders, would withdraw their money because they would be faced with an uncertain future that is not the way I would do anything, well, until you know what the new president would be able to.

But like Jobs, you may return to your company, because nobody better than he knew her, so that in the case of face book would happen the same, because since 2004 (the year in which he founded Facebook) has not been seen for someone to get to know better its functioning.

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Of course these are all assumptions, since the final decision will come in may of the following year when the proposal is put to a vote at a general meeting of the company, but if so, you already know a little of the panorama that we could live.

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