What products are most sold during Black Friday?

Surely this November 24, 2017 , we will find large amounts of discounts on technology products in most stores and, no doubt, will be an opportunity as the majority of shops online that sell technology offer interesting discounts.

Spain has increased its investment in e-commerce in recent years, and already stands in the fourth position in the world ranking of the European Union. Something that shows that success is that Amazon has more than 900,000 orders in theBlack Friday 2016. On a day like this is recorded thousands of orders in the shops online , and people between 18 and 35 years are those who buy on-line, around a 73%, due to their better knowledge of the use of the network when the purchase is about.

According to the data obtained in the last study developed by DONCUPONES,coupons online play a relevant role since the users prefer automatic discounts depending on the expenditure to be performed. The study shows that currently the redemption of coupons via mobile devices and tablets accounts for nearly 50% of the total, which means a growth of more than 200%.

There are always some items or categories that are more successful than others, that is why we propose a list of the 10 best-selling products during Black Friday. So, we can get an idea on which consume buyers on a day like this.

The products that are sold over the internet are in their order: Technology, clothing, footwear and toys, something that does not change on Black Friday. Although this day of discounts has become a time of great popularity for the purchase of all.

  • Smartphone: the sale of mobile phones was a success in the Black Friday Amazon in 2016. Surely this edition, several phones will colarán among the best-selling products.
  • Smartwatch: it’s Also smart watches have become an accessory that has managed to come in with slow but firm on the life of the users and many brands have their own models.
  • Laptops: Are other object very much desired during the Black Friday. The users that were thinking of renewing your laptop will find the that you are seeking and can get good discounts in all brands. Lenovo is one of the brands that more discounts will be offered in this great event.
  • Video game consoles: The Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch is located between the most sold during the Black Friday to worldwide. Also in Spain, enjoy great sales, as these products had a lot of success on amazon.it is in 2016. Something similar happens with their games or packs with consoles and games.
  • iPad: In 2016 was a worldwide success in all its versions during the Black Friday. Both the iPad normal and ordinary as the iPad mini sold very well. The Apple tablets made a big success of sales both in physical stores as online.

  • Drones: Continues to gain popularity, in fact it is a worldwide success both for professional users and as recreational.

  • Headset: is the best-selling product in computer components, tablets and smartphone, so that may be an interesting option. It is noteworthy mainly the Apple AirPods that will have a lot of demand on this Black Friday.
  • Clothing and footwear: surely this year again become one of the best selling products this Black Friday. It has become something desired by millions of users. Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Michael Kors, Puma, GAP, Aldo and Pepe Jeans are some of the most requested brands in sales periods.
  • Makeup and cosmetics: hundreds of thousands of units are sold in a few hours. Continue to be a sales success when the festive season is approaching.
  • Personal care products: we also sell many of the appliances and personal care products with a great diversity of brands.

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